Review game Run to Die: living life by he beginning to end

Run to Die is a simple, without any cool graphical bells and whistles, and even without the music game in the style of "runner" with interesting and original idea.

The Essence of the game is quite simple – you need to run as far as possible, jumping over the gorge. The main role is the gray cube in the center of which a constantly changing picture that reflects a certain period in the life of every person. In the beginning is a Bud, followed by the heart, a small child, a mother with a stroller, and so on. Each period lasts 10 to 15 seconds. What awaits us at the end – you know, passing game completely. In the Run to Die you will have the opportunity to read an interesting statement about how fast is a human life and to understand that need to appreciate each day. They will appear each time you stop the game or when you fail to overcome the next valley. The game interface is quite simple: in the upper left corner shows the current points that you scored during the run.

Below is the standard button to stop the game. In the upper right corner shows the maximum points you could get. Although the game seems simple, you will need some practice to learn how to do the jump at some point, because every second is very important. The "cube life" started slow, but eventually the speed increased so much that after 40-50 seconds of the game to jump to become very difficult.

In the game except the main menu where you have the opportunity to click on the play button to start the game and the button with the cross to exit, there's another button to open a window with instructions. Play Run to Die is very simple: you just need to touch your finger to the device's screen to jump and touch twice to make double jump. In addition, if you hold your finger longer then the height and length of the jump will last a longer time.

The Only thing that can be disliked by users who do not know English language is the inability to understand the meaning of the quotes because they were all written just for him. Otherwise, knowledge of the language does not affect the pleasure of the Run to Die.

In conclusion, we can say that the game is Run to Die does not differ from other games of this genre, but the highlight is still present. Look at your life and realize how quickly the days pass and the years and start doing what you always wanted to achieve in your life that you will understand after playing in the Run to Die.

Set the "Run to Die" through the Google Play Store.

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A review of the game Run to Die: living life by he beginning to end