Blizzard plans to re-release the first StarCraft

it's been almost 20 years since the launch of StarCraft, which took off in 1998. Now there are rumors that Blizzard may re-release the game in HD. It is reported by iNews24. Best of all - it will really only remastered, re-release with modern graphics and controls, but without the intervention of the developer in the original gameplay.

The News is intriguing, because until now renowned for was possible to market only a some hits. And therefore, the probability that the company will keep the brand, and we do get a decent, although already familiar to many games.

Tell me that the official announcement of the project is expected in September 2016, and more details will be there in October and BlizzCon

In the first StarCraft is still played by many people, but in Korea this game is in the top ten most popular.

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