Nexus smartphones will be able to distinguish between gestures on the sensor of the fingerprint

We expect Nexus devices, which said a lot of things, once shortly after the release of Android 7.0. However, despite the fact that the information is already abound and it would seem that everything is already known, come some new details, for example, a fingerprint sensor, which will be slightly more advanced and interesting than you would expect.

We have recently found out that Marlin and Salfish, which finishes the job by HTC, will also receive a fresh software from Google - brand new launcher. By the way, judging by the animation, which is given for illustration, we will see a new button control system.

As for the fingerprint sensor, reports that he will be able to recognize gestures. For example, not just putting a finger to unlock, and swiping your finger down, you can open the notification curtain. It may be quite convenient and to get used to this movement will be fast.

A Similar thing before could be seen on devices Huawei Honor.

In addition, if you believe gif animation, Nexus'you can get out in a new blue color.

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