Visa and MasterCard will launch Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay in Russia

Until the end of 2016, Visa and MasterCard together with the National system of payment cards (NBTS) will launch in Russia Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay.

According to Catherine Petelino, General Director of Visa in Russia, the emergence of new payment systems in the domestic market of complicated legal issues that need to be addressed to create a service tokenization.

The technology that services tokenization replaces the card number in a "reference" number or token that identifies a customer and a transaction.

The Token for each transaction is unique and is discarded. According to Petelino, it's just "link" which does not contain payment information about the map or about the person or about the balance on the account.

"This is a very good, effective fraud prevention system, where you're not trying to prevent the cases when an attacker can access the information and make the information useless," explains the speaker.

Note that Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay are already working in a number of countries. To use of payment services requires a smartphone equipped with NFC chip.