Xiaomi says the story of the fire Mi4i

in case you haven't heard, about a week ago in the Internet appeared the video, filled with one of the buyers of Xiaomi products on Facebook, where the guy just works and his phone for no apparent reason flares up. Trouble with the gadget Xiaomi Mi4i. Now the company has officially commented on this case, giving some advice to all other lovers of smartphones.

Xiaomi has stated that it is seriously suited to this incident, initiating the investigation to understand the cause of this strange behavior smartphone. At the same time the owner of the problem of mobile issued a replacement. The victim a copy sent to Xiaomi on the study to the company's engineers were able to determine the cause and subsequently eliminate such situations. With the affected user is contacted to obtain the maximum information about the case.

In Fairness it should be noted that not just on this occasion to say that Xiaomi is a bad brand. Marriage for everyone, in addition, we cannot exclude some other external factors or incorrect handling of the device. And similar stories with the ignition devices of other vendors we can remember, such, for example, the Samsung.

In any case, to try to avoid such situations by following some simple rules. If your device starts abnormally very hot, better to let him rest. It is not necessary to load the smartphone with the solution of complex tasks at the same time placing them on the charging. Today devices with powerful processors and without that tend to heat up and sometimes even overheat. Also, you should try to use only original accessories for the devices, at least the charger and wire. Fake or poor quality product, if not will lead to an explosion, may be trite to spoil your favorite device.

And you are using the original accessories for their smartphones and tablets?

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