Beta firmware version with Android Nougat is available for Huawei P9

quickly Touch fresh Android Nougat until now could only owners of Nexus devices. But it turns out that soon happiness in the form of updates will come for some other Android lovers. For example, the lucky ones will be bought Huawei P9, because now the network has already leaked a beta version of the firmware for this device based on Android Nougat.

Presumably, the practice of Google results the OS in a Developer Preview for developers, which leads to the fact that those who have datacache desires, can prepare updates for its devices faster.

Recall that the firmware is still in beta version, not final release. The installation instructions can be found at forum XDA -

He update is made in the form of updates, which can be put on official firmware, Huawei to your smartphone without root and unlocked the boot loader, it does not clean and does not overwrites the system partition, meaning all your data will remain intact. However, we strongly recommend making backups of all important data.

In addition, as part of the upgrade revealed a new version of proprietary shell EMUI 5.0.

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