Xiaomi enters the PC arena, showed Mi Notebook Air

Chinese iron giant Xiaomi has long produces the most different products: smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, fitness wristbands, kettles, water purifiers and many other things. Because even a few strange looked the fact that the company still has not tried their hand in the PC business. However, yesterday it had been fixed. The Chinese showed their first laptops. Turned out, I must say, quite nice and appetizing.

However, the Russian media believe differently. Sometimes even the impression that there are those who submit on the subject information with an open mind, and there are those who have paid. However, brought not for advertising, and for anti-public relations. But let's first take a detached view that the product turned out. And then think about whether it was necessary to release him or not. And separately ponder over whether it is necessary on the Russian market.

It is not surprising that the new laptop turned out literally a clone of Apple. It was very expected, but surprised the Chinese that didn't even bother to come up with a unique name, stole even the word "Air". Total we have Mi Notebook Air.

13.3-inch model without a twinge of conscience compares with the MacBook Air, the company says that the Mi Notebook Air 13% thinner than Apple's device and overall is 11% less.

The device Works under control of Windows 10 and Intel Core i5-6200U, 2.7 GHz, and also got 8 GB of RAM and discrete Nvidia GeForce 940MX. In addition, the 256 Gigabyte SSD drive. The screen resolution FullHD, backlit keyboard. Device body made of aluminium. Weight is 1.28 kg, slightly more than the MacBook Air. But the company quickly adds that he will be able to work more than 9.5 hours of battery - not bad. In addition, 30 minutes is charged at 50%.

With multiple ports: USB Type-C, HDMI output, 2 USB 3.0.

The Laptop will be available in gold and silver.

There is another configuration: 12.5-inch, also FullHD resolution, slightly less weight and battery life to 11.5 hours. But here the processor is already Intel Core M3 with integrated graphics, memory two times less, similarly decreased and an SSD.

In both models the dynamics of the AKG and the screen is covered with protective glass.

If you run through the prices, everything is also very tasty: about 750 dollars for the older model and 525 for younger. The start of sales is scheduled for 2 August. But they say that the laptops will be available only in China.

Specs? Appearance?

In my opinion the Chinese have gone the right way. Both devices are compact because there is no sense to put there a screen resolution bigger than FullHD, so everything will look great, but you can give a nice price. Well picked up the CPU, because the device clearly not a gaming laptop, it is unlikely such a plan devices will be used for some complex calculations, because the constraint of the i5 I, too, seems correct. This is a good, fast working machines that any business can take, but not super complex games or computational task.

Interestingly, on the lid of the laptop is no logo, as you would expect - just metal with no markings.

How much does this laptop cost in Russia? Of course, given that officially it is not submitted, the price will be higher than announced at the presentation, the dealers also have to earn from it can not escape. But it is unlikely to be too high. Just look at recent trends. Not only Xiaomi, but in General smartphones or tablets imported into Russia and sold somewhere in the crust or in online stores unofficially, are only slightly more expensive than if you buy the same gadget in a foreign online store. And certainly cheaper rostestusa models.

It is Unlikely that the prices will be too bully. This is not an Apple, for which our people are willing to pay. Here you will find the price close to official or just won't take them, so surely something like this would get.

The article ended.

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