Phonics ambitions. Minimalistic audio player MySound BT-17 from Rombica

Starting to write the review, I remember one quote about the music, it sounds like this: "Thank you, music, for being there when no one the number to be failed". Now I want to paraphrase and say: "Thanks to portable speakers, allowing you to be your favorite music always with you." And even add words of gratitude to the brand Rombica, and in particular for portable column BT-17 from the MySound. What has earned my gratitude in this column, I will write in more detail, but first things first.

Packaging and contents

Good-quality packing material and its design give us hope even in the wildest expectations and reinforce the anticipation of a new acquaintance, spurring the desire to open it. Impressions are not forced to wait. After opening the box, unwittingly suggests an Association with models premium class. Primarily due to flawless forms covered with equal quality textiles.

Under the device to be manual, simple and convenient to use, warranty card, leg-stand for the speakers and two cables: micro-USB cable for charging the internal battery device and an audio cable to play music.


As I have already noted, the audio player has a perfect circle shape, and the front of his honor tightly covered in quality fabrics grey-black color. In the upper part closer to the organs under the control of textiles hides the LED indicator of the device. The case is made of plastic with fashionable in our days, soft-touch coating. Back under the hole for the legs of the stand are hidden connectors: micro-USB for power, audio in and LEDindikator charging the device.

Audio and sound

The audio Player BT-17, with two speakers at 8 watts in total, and one passive resonator bass. High volume and clear sound in the background of palpable bass forced again and again to admire this device. Really, very decent for a device in this price segment. I can assume that premium brands feel the breath, and in this case the power of the low frequencies of the audio player from Rombica.

Well, I have continued to enjoy your favorite music, but caught himself in time, remembering that I had the device on the test and will not be with me so long time to afford just kayfovat. I tried to play music of different styles, and listen to the audio player behaves in a different musical environment.

I note that it is not strange, but he proved to be in the majority, case. Why most, because despite my love of music, some genres I just can't even stand the tests. And yet, what can you say about the sound.

The Bass is fast and powerful. Fast pace techno, not dumped in a nasty growl. I define power in comparison with expensive models. In the BT-17 has no obvious lack in the Low Frequencies, and this sense of bass is much better. Column well balanced. Mid-bass volume due to the passive resonator. He doesn't score the rest of the range.

The midrange is detailed, but not expressed too bright, as is the case with cheap portable speakers. High Frequencies are slightly muffled.

Interfaces and functionality

Difficulties with the Bluetooth connection and stability issues connection arose. According to my measurements of distance without obstacles is about 10 meters with obstacles in the form of walls, for example - no more than 5 meters. If necessary, you can connect any audio media through the AUX cable.

From the available functionality of the it should be noted the ability to receive calls and on speaker while pairing the device with your smartphone. For me this feature is useless, because it is considered a sign of disrespect to the person talking on the speakerphone, but to each his own.


The capacity of the built-in battery - 2000 mAh 3.7 V. This is enough for 6-7 hours on volume of about 70% of the maximum. A good result for a battery with such capacity.


Everything in nature is to strive for harmony and man is no exception, and the creation of his hands too. So no exception for me was familiarity with the BT-17. Finishing the text, I catch myself thinking that I do not really want to part with this piece of harmony. But if you want to feel this harmony, to acquire the acoustics in the official online store Rombica Store 2 490r.

The article ended.

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