Possible specifications of the PlayStation 4 Neo

Already for anybody not a secret that Sony is preparing an updated version of the Playstation 4, which was called "Neo", the more that this fact was officially confirmed some time ago. However, the company still keeps the network characteristics of the future of console gaming. We only know that it will be more productive and more powerful, but what will be the specifications?

Ubergizmo, it seems, has some information on this topic. The portal reports that the Playstation 4 Neo will work with the same OCTA core processor as the original model - AMD Jaguar, but the core frequency will rise from 1.6 GHz to 2.1 GHz.

In addition, the graphics card used today 18 compute units with a frequency of 911 MHz, in the future their number will double to 36, which will increase productivity by approximately 2.3 times.

RAM, most likely, will not touch, there will be 8 GB, but that will increase the capacity 176 Gbit/s to 218 Gbit/s.

There Will be two versions with 500 Gb hard disk space and 1 Tb.

All of these changes in the prefix is needed in the first place so she was pulling the game in 4K resolution and virtual reality.

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