Continue to follow the "Macbook" from Xiaomi

Chinese media once again thrown into the network pack spy photos of the device that is called a future Xiaomi laptop. Neodnokratno we already wrote about this device, continue to monitor the unfolding of the story, which seems to logically be completed soon - ability to purchase a new device in the store.

As you can see, now with more angles, the laptop will be much March on Apple products. However, Xiaomi a lot of what she imitates successfully, I must say.

Here, the appearance of the body and recognizable keyboard and touchpad, which is literally the business card of the Macbook.

Some sources add that the laptop Xiaomi will be released, possibly with the Intel Atom processor inside, although previously written about the Core i5 and Core i7. Atom will give less heat, power consumption, however performance decline, but needs and costs less.

Rumor has it that the new model is scheduled for July 27, so soon we'll know everything about him. Including the price.

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