Xiaomi MIUI is already planning 9

Xiaomi hasn't given out free shell MIUI 8, even though beta testing is in final stage and known the release date of the Chinese and global version of firmware. Announced she was in may. But despite all this, Mydrivers reports that the company is working on creating the next version of MIUI 9. However, work is only preparatory.

Reports of this we also managed to catch on social networks.

As far As is now known, is a set of developers who are writing MIUI 9. And worked out a plan for the development of firmware, the prospects thought out ideas. Perhaps someone thinks that it is still early, the others won't agree, saying earlier, the company only gives more time for developers to work on the product and not to rush in vain.

Who forgot the final 8 version of MIUI for Xiaomi waiting for August 16.

The article ended.

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