Waterproof Samsung Galaxy S7 Active not coped with the task

Mobile devices Samsung Galaxy S7 and Edge came out very successful. Experts independent magazine called Consumer Reports that studied the latest smartphones from South Korea, spoke pleasantly about the above devices, and it spoke well about the body that does not absorb moisture, excellent picture quality and support memory card. But a modified Samsung Galaxy S7 which is Active, alas, not been tested for water resistance successfully.

As conceived by Samsung, a modified smartphone, fitted with impact-resistant coating, designed for those who to the fullest enjoy life. The smartphone has an insert of metal ribs, bumpers soft-touch at the corners of repaying punch, and an overlay of plastic on the back that protects the lid from any kind of damage. As stated in the specification IP68, Galaxy S7 Active is able to cope with immersion under water to a depth of 1.5 meters for half an hour.

Experts of the magazine conducted a test on a modified smartphone, immersing it in a container with a pressure equal to the pressure at a depth of 1.5 meters, and waited 30 minutes. When the test unit was removed, it was — it ceased to operate consistently: the display was covered with bands of green, under the camera lens has accumulated drops, the display has lost sensitivity to heat. The same result was obtained in testing with a different copy of a modified Galaxy S7.

The Consumer Reports experts made sure that the Galaxy S7 Active is not waterproof, as stated by Samsung. And they summed up to earn a modification of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active is not recommended.

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