The radar Arrow will help prevent letters

"Antiradar Strelka" - the application will be evaluated by the motorists. Yes, the program paid, but for 199 rubles, by purchasing one license, will help to avoid getting letters. Once it becomes clear that the cost will justify it. Already from the name it becomes clear that the program is designed to alert the driver about the cameras on the road. What it can do?

It is worth to say that the app is "Antiradar Strelka" there the first year. Hence multiple advantages: first, some of the already formed community around the application, and secondly, the most complete database about the objects, about which it is necessary to warn. Of course, the ability to add your objects to the database. A base engaged curators across the country, that is only respect.

During this time, the developers apparently gained enough experience and feedback from users is constantly releasing new versions that are increasingly expanding the capabilities of the application. Can it very much. So much that might get messy if we start in all the chips and settings. That is why the developers came up with some standard usage profiles that make life easier. In fact, you can simply turn on the program, give it a few seconds to pulled base and other necessary data from the server. All the way, all will work and alert.

But if you like all the tastes, here for you a Paradise.

Let's first let's mention at least some times when the program will zoom: stationary camera, a police post, hand, camera in the back, pass pedestrians, the end of the segment, a fake, an ambush/tripod, danger zone, dangerous corner, roadside, tunnel, and move some more. Here, you can flexibly configure all the warning: what should be the distance to the point, how many alerts, vibration or sound at which the speed of movement, etc. and three profiles to choose from: track, city, metropolis, which can also be changed partially or completely. Again, this is for the lovers of customization. Initially, the developers are already offering the optimal settings that will fit most.

In addition, the program maintains its own statistics of violations that can be curious at times.

The Developers have tried to take into account the fragmentation of Android. Devices users have now a great many. Some vendors hard enough to fit in the firmware and hang their own frameworks and shell, which may cause on some devices, the program works correctly. I am glad that the programmers "Antiradar Strelka" know about such things. They will warn you if you understand that you have an exotic system that will teach you what you need to do in this case, in order properly to all alerts.

The System settings are also quite extensive. You can choose how the program works with sound, can change the settings of the smartphone (for example, to activate the GPS or whether to respond to connect a bluetooth device way easily work via bluetooth with the receiver). The app can work with external GPS devices or, for example, smart clock Samsung Gear S2.

I can save settings in the cloud and private data bases. It's really very convenient.

Needless to all types of notifications are configured separately: pop-UPS, sound alerts, vibration, backlight. There is a power-saving mode, widgets on your desktop, select voice control animations, etc.

In short, the app is very powerful. No wonder it is considered one of the best in this field.

Of the minuses can be noted only that for him to ask for money (although in this case it is logical), but only once per license purchase, no subscriptions, it may seem complicated (but then again, there are presets if you don't want to get into all the details), Yes, externally, it is decorated a bit old fashioned, not in the now fashionable style material. Although, in this case, can be very useful to remember is the saying about "shashechki or to go" because its tasks it works really well.

By the Way, the app can be bought with a small discount for 150 rubles.

to Install the "Antiradar Strelka" through the Google Play Store.

to Install the "Antiradar Strelka" through the Appstore.

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