Meizu appeared on the network of M-Video

If you thought before that devices to throw at Meizu in Russia uncomfortable or unusual, but now everything becomes easy: the company's products can be seen on the shelves of the shop "M. Video". On sale gadgets Pro 6 Meizu, Meizu M3 and Meizu M2 Note Note. Here, everything is familiar and understandable: I came to the store, pick up, or place your order through the online store.

Plus, of course, the official warranty, but if in the store, and the ability to hold the device in their hands, previously to read it. But such facilities will have to pay extra. The cost model Meizu M2 Note made 15990 rubles, Meizu M3 Note with 32GB memory — 18990 rubles, Meizu Pro 6 with 32GB — 32990 rubles, and Meizu Pro 6 64 GB — 35990 rubles. In the self-purchase on eBay or Aliexpress will, of course, somewhat cheaper. But wait and maybe nervous. Here everyone defines for himself what he is closer and more comfortable.

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