Droider Cast #31 — Spring prism

While Ilya Ryabov basking under the summer rain Petersburg, Boris Vedeno and Valery Istishab never left and discussed the world of gadgets, Internet and technology for a week.

According to tradition, once a week Droider leading Cast are going to burn some witches, and to expose a few of the plots and discuss the news in an informal setting.

In this issue:

00:00:27 Greetings

00:02:14 the national Team of Russia on football and plywood over Europe — what is common between them?

00:09:42 YouTube launches a rival Periscope;

00:16:50 Bill Irina Spring — what is good and what is bad?

00:32:08 mark Zuckerberg — chicka;

00:37:10 "Robot, do not steal!" 5 laws of robotics from Google;

00:44:20 We know that you post in Instagram last week.

00:55:00 good-bye.

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