Browse external battery Rombica NEO S100 – a practical accessory for those who appreciate style

Tell active user of the Internet what is a portable battery which no longer makes sense. The race for performance and minimum body sizes in smartphones has forced us, ordinary users to accept the need to carry two devices – a smartphone and external battery. For someone the main functionality for a minimum price, and for someone accessory is a question of image - is a Singaporean company created Rombica Deluxe external battery NEO S100 in black and brown. Such a battery would look great even with the most expensive smartphone. A capacity of 6500 mAh enough to fully charge most devices.

Battery comes in a darling box. To evaluate the design and small thickness of the device without opening the box. Inside the box is based on documentation, warranty card and USB cable

Creating the battery the manufacturer is clearly guided by modern trends: the border is made of brushed metal and the entire body is covered in braided leather with a checkerboard of alternating matte and glossy surface. If you don't know it's the battery – you might think that this is a case, purse or another accessory. The fact that this battery issue USB connectors on the top edge. In this battery the two of them, i.e., can be recharged and even a tablet or phone to save your boyfriend / girlfriend. On the side is a neat inconspicuous logo and indicators with dim blue light at night to blind just will not.

The size of the battery of the smartphone is 5.5”, for example, iPhone 6S plus. And a thickness of only 10 mm. With this battery will be convenient to use the smartphone by placing it on the battery due to such a small thickness – no problems with coverage. The leather cover is made carefully, without gaps, sits firmly and does not come unstuck. And quite tenacious – mobile it won't slip.

By the Way, the problem of most batteries, especially metal - contact with the smartphone easy to damage as the shell of the smartphone. With Rombica NEO S100 can not worry about that, about the skin, the smartphone does not scratch.

The Capacity of the battery is easily enough for two full charging of my iPhone 6 and a little more remains. While charging I can't stop using a smartphone.

From the point of view of design, the battery fits perfectly into the environment or expensive stylish devices: mobile, watch, wallet. This battery is not ashamed to get in a cafe or at a business meeting. Personally, I liked more brown color.

And as it turned out, the battery is causing a strong reaction from others. I had enough one time to take him to the cafeteria to have chained myself to look my friends and others too. All because it looks expensive, not like a battery, but it charges your device.

In conclusion, I will say that Rombica got a great battery for connoisseurs of style. Easy to use, lightweight (200 grams), it is able to attract the attention of others. For this accessory do not mind to pay 2990 rubles.

To Buy the battery in the official store manufacturer's cernon or korichnevom colors.