Real Racing 3 and strange update

July 3 morning, the game Real Racing 3 from EA Games was 4.6 stars out, but by the afternoon it was 4.1 and continues to fall.

The Reason for this was the update that was released yesterday. What is it about this update that has caused mass discontent of gamers around the world?

Let's see...

The First thing that catches the eye is the changed start screen. It has lost its informational content, the icons were terrible and unreadable.

The Only useful improvement possible to call the top menu – it has become more convenient.

Well, God be with him with the menu. Let's try to ride...

The selection Menu of the race also changed, but not significantly.

And here is the race in which I could not possibly have come first.

Iiii... finish! I'm the first! With a lead of 1250m and overtaking in the second round all the way up to 3rd place – what the... hmm.. what kind of baby AI????!!!!

Apparently EA went to meet modern gamers and simplified the game. Sorry, the game was not poorly balanced.

Uthiram tear and go for the prize money. Yeah, thanks, why so little? Say EA cut the budget racers? That bastard! Well, nothing will fix only that was in very bad condition, and the rest in the piggy Bank.

Ummm... what about my workshop!?

Yes, Yes, Yes, my fans of arcade games, now has a button to “fix all” and it is!

The Technician said that the car killed the “up” and compatible. But I drove only 5 laps! EA skimp on the parts?

Repair cost a tidy sum, and took 40 minutes. Smoke at the gate of the workshop decided not to wait for fix and buy a new car, the more money in the Bank was enough.

But what is it?

What is cups?

It goes:

-Want to buy Lada Kalina

- And you have 4 trophy karts, 1 in endurance racing and rally 5 on the wheelchairs?

Um... what?

Okay, apparently, struggle with cheaters, nakruchivayut gold. Okay, I accept – a good move.

By the Way, one of the innovations is a new racing mode with online high score table of ALL players is intriguing. So, let's go!

- To participate in this race you will be charged 1 Drive

Yes, no problem.......... The DRA what?

Drive this kind of crap from EA to pull you out of gold. No Drive – there is no time.

- Twenty... Okay, keep your Drin...

Wow! I 17924y not so bad for first time

Try again – keep your Drive.

Again, not the first – pichalka.

Well, nothing right now is going to come first...

You Have no drives – wait, or buy for gold.

-Hehe)) Thank you, I'll wait.

To Summarize:

  • New, comfortable design main menu
  • Lightweight intelligence opponents – they think that they are in the city and observe the speed mode
  • Reduced the prize Fund
  • Rapid depreciation of the vehicle
  • Repair button, no choice
  • Can't buy any machine – need to access them sequentially
  • Enter the new game currency “Drive” to pay for races “at time”
  • Also, the reviews on Play Market, deteriorated compatibility and graphics – I myself am much of a difference is not found.

Have you already updated?

Waiting for your opinions in the comments.


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