Xiaomi has no plans to waterproof smartphones in the near future

Moisture proof - great topic. Everyone wants a device that is not afraid of water. Even in the rain get out the smartphone, at least in the sink accidentally drop the unit survives, nothing will happen. A nice bonus, right? However, Xiaomi is going to release a device with protection from moisture in blizhashee time. Lei Jun of the company commented, explaining why.

There are two Reasons. And really hard to disagree with them.

Today's techniques to ensure dust and moisture protection of smartphones and tablets cannot be called durable. For example, the life of the device is usually longer than the operating time of the protection. Over time, the elements that protect the gadget from moisture, wear, and because this nice bonus at some point disappear, that maybe you will fail, verb habit and the belief that the apparatus is tenacious, will remain. It should be understood that the guarantee period for exchange or maintenance by that time too. Claims to be present there.

The Second point - add protection from moisture to your smartphone or tablet, inevitably leads to the fact that the device becomes more expensive. It doublet to the cost of about 20-30%, which is contrary to the policy of Xiaomi. The company aims to sell the most expensive and modern devices. Low cost achieve, not becoming impudent with the margin, and not sacrificing the most desired features. Show-off - this is not for Xiaomi, everything here is purely practical and utilitarian.

However, Xiaomi CEO says if consumers will strongly insist on this and ask for the moisture protection, the company will go forward, releasing such a device.

Interestingly, even the pioneers of the waterproof market Sony have abandoned this in the last line of their devices, apparently deciding that the consumer now wants to buy the machine cheaper, paying only for what you will actually use, not s a nice bonus that will be useful only to some, and even then rarely.