ADW Launcher received a major update in many years

ADW Launcher - something familiar, isn't it? Last time I wrote about it and run it, perhaps, in the days of the HTC Desire HD. Or even just for the HTC Hero they dabbled? Damn, I sure can't remember it. And suddenly, this visitor from the distant past took, he reminded himself. And how! ADW Launcher received a major update with modern buns.

Once popular ADW Launcher homescreen for Android devices, which compete with Launcher Pro, and now may be able to compete with Nova or Apex Launcher Launher. Now ADW was updated to version 2.0. He also was part of CyanogenMod. One of the most functional and customizable launcher.

Now the app has received a bunch of new animations, registration, taxes and other current buns, which are so fond of Android users: working with shortcuts, gestures, ikonki, themes, managing the desktops and widgets, etc.

But the fresh version is in beta stage, because it is possible some non-critical error.

to Join the beta testing.