[E3 2016] 10 most important announcements from Sony

In the night from 13 to 14 June at the press conference PlayStation, Sony once again won the E3.

Revision Droider closely followed by the conference and gathered together in a single material all the most important game previews.

God of War

Restart or continue? Anyway, the developers of God of War pushed the number in the header and reimagined series. Old Kratos moved to the woods of Scandinavia, where he got the axe, the son and the venerable beard.

10-minute trailer shows the vast environments, great graphics and a well-known cruelty. This time in the story more drama, because small ward of Kratos clearly interferes with the haze of rage blinded by the God of War.


Over time, Web of Shadows and Shattered Dimensions (loosely) about Spider-Man were not good games. However, "your friendly neighbor" got into the hands of Insomniac Games developed Ratchet and Clank. That is to say, the quality of games do not worry.

A Small trailer Spider-Man shows entertaining combat system, outdoor new York flights on the web that appeal to nostalgia for the animated series of the 90s.

Detroit: Become Human

New trailer for the interactive drama from Quantic Dream shows the passage history of the person-robot detective.

Its mission is to rescue a little girl, convincing the mad Android to let her go. The video shows the diversity of ways of solving problems and their consequences.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Zero Dawn was moved to 2017. As an apology, the developers showed a video from the game.

The red-haired heroine explores an open world, talking to NPCs, hunting robotosaurus and is doing other things. The detail and scale of the locations hit, so apologies for the postponement of game taken.

The Last Guardian

The long-Suffering long-term construction close to release, as evidenced by a new trailer.

The Video does not reveal details of the plot and gameplay, but inspires faith in the project and wait for its release. The game will go on sale on 25 October.

Death Stranding

After the break in relations with Konami, Hideo kojima showed the world a new game. A short teaser Stranding Death is frightening and intriguing. Nude Norman Reedus wakes up on the shore and hugs the baby, who turns into black goo.

Hideo kojima ignored the flurry of questions like "What was that?" and calmly walked away from the scene.

Days Gone

The Game, about which nothing was known before the announcement. The project could be dubbed the symbiosis of DayZ and Dead Rising and forget, if not the first ever "zombie vyrovshchikova" true Horde of the living dead.

If the developers will add to that a strong plot and an advanced system of survival, the success of Days Gone provided.

Resident Evil 7

Continuation of the cult series, in which the creators have vowed to return to the roots. Then there will be less ammo, less life, but more stronger zombies and horror.

To enhance the effect, you can play in a helmet virtual reality VR PlayStation, starting on 24 January 2017.

PlayStation VR

Separately, Sony showed a bunch of trailers under the PlayStation VR. Recall that at the start of sales was promised 50 compatible games.

PlayStation VR will go on sale 23 October 2016 at a price of $ 400, which makes the device the most affordable of the full-featured virtual reality helmets.

Crash Bandicoot Skylanders and Imaginators

The announcement of the reissue of the cult series Crash Bandicoot has caused a crash of applause at the conference. The exact dates for Sony not announced, but confirmed that the developers will refresh the original trilogy, which includes Crash Bandicoot, Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back and Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped.

However, instead of a trailer for the reissues, Sony has revealed "bangculasi" set for the project Skylanders.

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