Lenovo introduced a smartphone Moto Z-Moto Z Force and

Lenovo has finally ceased to torment you, telling you what will happen now in the market is Motorola's devices. Officially it turned out that the line Moto X decided to replace a new one, which got two devices: Moto Z-Moto Z-Force and. Has changed not only the name but also the design of the devices, and the concept in General. Devices are modular, but not as expected, Project Ara or LG G5.

The Gadget can be modified and customized by using modules, which Lenovo calls the "Mods". They connect with magnets, mostly on the back cover of the device. For example, powerful speakers, projector, or enhanced battery, or just the interchangeable panels to change the look of your device. Motorola even released a developer kit and description for developers who want to release their own modules for Moto Z.

Citing the example of LG G5, report that there is one significant advantage - you will not have to turn off the smartphone if you need something hardware to add.

Moto Z

As for specs, here is the Snapdragon 820 processor, 4 GB of RAM, 32/64 GB of internal memory, plus the ability to expand it via MicroSD. Screen with a diagonal of 5.5-inch and QHD resolution.

The Main camera on the 13 megapixel laser focus.

The Battery is 2600 mAh. Lenovo promises up to 30 hours even with this capacity.

The Smartphone is quite thin, only 5.5 millimeters. Here, even had to sacrifice Jack 3.5 mm, but will give the included adapter.

Moto Z Force

Moto Z Force will be with the same characteristics, but the screen is impact resistant, and the battery will rise to 3500 mAh, can recharge for 15 minutes before to 15 working hours. The company uses proprietary technology for fast charging. At the expense of battery smartphone will be slightly thicker brother, but still no headphone Jack.

Increasing the number of megapixels in your camera to 21.

In the sale of devices should do this summer.

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