Review powerful portable speakers Rombica Mysound BT-16. Love at first sight

the Popularity of portable Bluetooth speakers is growing, stores you can find a column of any shape, size and color. This is true mainly for the lower price segment. In this segment the choice is design or price - all speakers generally play better "than the laptop" and enable you to get a little better sound quality and a significant increase in volume, but no more.

If you want to take it with sound able to please music lovers and audiophiles need to be ready to fork out more than 10K rubles and be limited in choice of design: the JBL or cylindrical, or rectangular Jabra, and Sony. Already known Singaporean company offers Rombica column Rombica Mysound BT-16 c speakers at 10 watts in a non-standard casing with sound, able to compete with the top JBL in two colors, and most importantly – with a small price in 3490r.

Package contents

Let's get Started. The column is shipped in a dark box with detailed information about the model. After opening the box it seems from an expensive model even more expensive than the real price: the device and accessories Packed in a velvet blister (this way I had not previously seen), the handle of the column is removed from one end and laid so that is not deformed during transportation, there is a beautiful colored manual and a heavy bag flagovedeniya substances. You can see the attention to detail. Set of standard accessories– power cord and cable to connect devices to the audio input.


The Column comes in two colors – black with gray accents and gray with yellow accents. I got on the test was a gray option. The body is made of plastic with an impressive layer of soft touch coating, the handle and plug connectors made of silicone or rubber. On the top side contains the main controls, and behind a hidden plug connectors: micro-USB for power, audio in and a strange connector for the input on the headphones – he will talk to you later.

Himself puts special attention to the front side of the column – through a combination of external mesh with large holes and a metal mesh with small holes – it has an unusual ornament.


Column stereo, with two speakers at 10 watts in total, and one large longitudinal passive resonator bass. On paper for the price 3490r – an impressive set. Dress up the pen and proceed to the most important – the music.

The Result was... incredible. Immediately catchy sea drive in a compact body, high volume and palpable bass. Having an impressive music library of high-quality home equipment and advanced spending (Cowon J3 + hybrid headphone Sony XBA-A1AP with two emitters – reinforcement medium-and high-frequency driver for low frequencies) I have long got used to the fact that to listen to music and have fun – I or home using your sound system, or on the road using earplugs. In nature, in the country, or in another room / at friends, where is my sound system – I can only hear the background music (excluding the purchase of very expensive portable speaker systems type Marshall) – it does not cling, does not cause goose bumps. Rombica BT-16 was the exception – after enabling it I realized that it is willing to buy for 6000 rubles. I had to force myself to do the test, because the first time I listened to it a good half of all their favorite tracks I just listened, getting enormous pleasure. Yes, the stereo base is not like home audio, but how many drive!

What can you say about the sound:

• the Bass is quick and powerful. Quick because a quick "boom boom" works well, does not fall down to a porridge or sounds indecent. Powerful because in comparison with cheaper models – this is much better bass, no obvious lack of bass

• Mid-bass – fatty – thank you for the patient of the passive resonator. Despite this he doesn't score the rest of the range – column well balanced.

• mid-range detailed is not expressed too clearly, as is the case with cheaper portable options. Cheaper options are often called midrange tweeters, because bass and treble are practically not allocated to the SCH background

• High Frequency slightly muted, not arcat and do not cut the ear not on maximum volume. At maximum volume there is a small selection. Muted treble noticeable when compared to a certain reference sound (the quality of the equipment, when you start to hear flaws in the music, not the speakers). At normal listening the speakers (when listening to it, not under test) – do not pay attention.

Typically, speakers of the lower price segment of well executed electronic music, rap and their derivatives, mostly relying on the passive resonator bass. Rombica BT-16 surprise - she did a great Nu-metal after remozado bass guitar, and vocals are not dumped in the cereal, or sibilant perfectly-lost folk, classical, new edge. It doesn't escape Rock / Alt-Rock / Rap core. D&B, Breakbeat, Dubstep, techo, Funk, Electronic – all of this column lost a pink floor – even on very fast songs, the bass remained legible without losing the drive. Criticism may cause except that the hardest Metal – but under this style of music is extremely difficult to find and home audio system, and portiv – even more difficult.


Column is connected via Bluetooth, connection problems and stability of the connection do not occur, the range according to my measurements – about 15 meters. If necessary, you can connect any audio source via AUX cable. Beer is not cool, but it may shake, if the next set :)


Before the start of the test, the normal speakers had to put it twice. On average I worked about 9 hours on volume of about 70% of the maximum. Excellent results.


Back to the strange entrance for headphones. While listening to music – I was left thinking "why???" - well, really, the column is able to transmit sound via Bluetooth or audio cable to play music from the card or flash drives it can not. The presence of a headphone output remained unclear. But then there were non-standard use of the speaker as a Bluetooth transmitter – you can connect it to the input on your home system or TV and phone to transfer the sound. The same can be done in the car. Unique, but practical – especially when the cost of a standard Bluetooth transmitter reaches half the value of the column.

The Manufacturer does not declare the presence of dust and moisture protection – but obviously all of this has provided a stub on the connectors, blackout front grille. At the cottage she once got caught in the rain – remained intact.


Despite the large number of speakers on the market – surprisingly, come across such as Rombica Mysound BT-16: the purse does not press, looks great, Packed expensive and it sounds so for me it has become the standard in portable speakers with a price tag of up to 10K. Impressive work and strong body made her my faithful companion on business trips, on vacation or outdoors, even in the kitchen – everywhere you take her. If you are looking for a truly high-quality portable for sane money – this column is for you.

To Acquire the acoustics in the official online store Rombica Store in cernon or seram colors for the price of 3490r (price current at the time of writing).

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