Not only HTC, Huawei is also preparing a Nexus?

just yesterday, the Internet was flooded with the publication of the fact that the Huawei is preparing the next Nexus for Google. By the way, you would like it? Or let a message will remain a rumor? Nexus 6P from this company was warmly accepted and the community liked it. A particularly admired with your camera. Complaints were is that on the sound, but now the company has gained experience and feedback, which means that in the future, products have to be better. But will there be a Nexus?

Charlene, Monilal of Huawei reported that the company is working on to introduce the Nexus this year. But we have previously heard that the production of Nexus do the guys from HTC and Google will release two smartphone immediately. Will there be a third from Huawei? In principle, Google likes to release Nexus two with each company, and Huawei, yet the quota is not spent.

However, the guys from Androidcommunity doubt this, however, is quite logical. First, if Huawei was preparing a Nexus this year, it's likely that we would have previously received some rumors, leaks and other at least not an explicit confirmation. Secondly, reporting that the company wants to bring a new Nexus in the country, it is worth remembering that the announcement was made in South Africa, it is implied only that the Nexus 6P, finally, just appear in Africa.

Well, as it happens, in fact, we learn in the near future.

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