In Academpark passed the Russian leg of the global AngelHack hackathon

on may 28-29 at the site of Academpark held Russian stage of the world's largest AngelHack hackathon Novosibirsk. The event brought together more than 70 programmers, designers and authors of ideas which are presented to the Russian experts, 15 the developed prototype application from scratch in 4 categories. The main prize went to the team Smart Parking, who developed the app for access control of entry and exit from the Parking using the BLUETOOTH beacons with the support of the Eddystone. The winner received an exclusive invitation to the program HACKcelerator, the results of which will be selected top 25 teams to participate in the global Demo Day in San Francisco.

AngelHack is the world's largest and most diversified of the global hackathon, which helps international technology community to build a bridge with Silicon Valley. Organizer of events in Russia – the community of application developers Apps4All.

Top prize

To win the Grand prize, contestants were asked for 24 hours to create a working prototype of a mobile or web app without any restrictions on the subject on any platform with a maximum level of the technical implementation and client attraction, characterized by originality of ideas and design.

Best project was recognized as a prototype of an application access control entry and exit from the Parking using the BLUETOOTH beacons with the support of the Eddystone, an open format from Google - Smart Parking.

"I am a resident of Technopark of Novosibirsk Academgorodok, - said the author Alexander Kim. Every day, when I drove into the Parking lot, I have to open the window in the car and reach for the front gate to put the Parking card. The winter was even worse – open the window and blows snow into the cabin. In this age of technology I kept thinking - why is there still no app in my smartphone, which would allow to click on and thereby open the gate? These thoughts led me to what I decided to make such an app myself. allows you to issue a pass for paid Parking, select the location, pay with a credit card, Entry and exit is performed using the Smart Parking app on your smartphone that communicates with a BLE beacon-enabled Eddystone installed in the barrier. Unlike other technical solutions – proximity card, remote keyfobs, etc. mobile app is the best option to implement our ideas."

The Winners received Google Chromecast and sets Bkon beacons for the further implementation of the project.

Project EQ was awarded best in the category Google

EQ (Everywhere Quest) is a platform for creating interactive quests based on the technology of Physical Web. Walking around the city, shopping in the hypermarket or waiting their turn in the Museum with the help of technology Physical Web we moremobile links to quests nearby, and start playing. To interact with the Physical Web, which is supported on the platforms Android and iOS, requires only a browser Google Chrome or Opera and bluetooth turned on - no special application for this purpose is not necessary. Participation in quests, it is offered free.

"I Want to congratulate not only the winners, but everyone who got to the end, - says Zviad Kardava, Google Developer Expert: Internet of Things. I'm sure that the experience received during these days will be useful to participants in the future. I was once again pleasantly surprised that the team showed keen interest in the nomination and technologies supported by Google. I would like to note the main winners, the Smart Parking team - they decided to really exist in the industrial Park the problem and develop a prototype, bring it to implementation.

Command EQ quickly figured out that the Physical web during the day, and made a platform for creating quests. The guys have developed a nice, responsive app with a nice design using Angular JS framework, which is also supported by Google".

The Winners received the Chromecast and sets Bkon beacons for the further implementation of the project.

In the category "rates for the family – "ALL in one" from the "Beeline" can defeat the parties subsequent AngelHack hackathon

"Beeline" reported on the hackathon participants additional questions associated with the real business objective of the company- interface design of a family plan to improve the existing service (setting usage quotas packets, notification in their exhaustion, itemized billing, etc.). With the task handled Sharamok Maxim, the inventor of the "Maxim". But in the General opinion of the jury, the projects that meet all the requirements of the task, were not presented, so the top prize will be included in the prize Fund to the next hackathon. The team of "Maxim" has received a certificate of participation and an invitation to continue the dialogue with specialists of marketing Department of "Beeline" in Novosibirsk.

"Novosibirsk is one of the centers of development of IT and digital culture in our country. We are very pleased to have started a dialogue and engagement with local startups and developers, which may become real solutions for our clients. To support this dialogue we run contests, participate in hackathons and are preparing to launch a platform Beeline API that will allow developers to quickly launch digital ideas and we turn them into running services", - said Vasily Pisarev, senior Manager of the Directorate for innovation and business transformation "VympelCom" and one of the experts of the hackathon AngelHack.

And all the participants received a special prize from Amazon Web Services - AWS points equivalent to $100, per user with the activation of AWS Activate and the opportunity to complete technical training and self-paced correspondence courses from the company.

The Winners of the hackathon were chosen by the experts of the it industry and representatives of partner companies: Denis Olevano (JSC VimpelCom, TM "Beeline"); Vasily Pisarev (JSC "VimpelCom", TM "Beeline"); Igor Vorobyov (JSC "VimpelCom", TM "Beeline"); Zviad Kardava (Google Developer Expert); Mr Kalinews (GDG Novosibirsk); Eugene Tutaev (2GIS); Michael Weisman (Trinity Digital); Artem Peselev (Apps4All); Grigory Petrov (VoxImplant).

The Organizers of AngelHack Novosibirsk special thanks Academpark and partners who provided informational support: Novosibirsk state technical University, portal that publication the community "Typical programmer", as well as HR-partner of the event - a specialized staffing Agency Spice Recruitment.

The Following competitions within the framework of regional expansion will take place in St.-Petersburg and Moscow.

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