WhatsApp is now the most popular messenger in the world

According to the latest data, more than half of the countries in the world that use different messengers for chatting, prefer in the first place WhatsApp. These data provides the Agency's Digital Vision, which studied the behavior of residents and Android traffic out of 187 countries. Total, WhatsApp received a share of 55.6%.

Immediately after WhatsApp is Facebook Messenger.

If you look at the countries that prefer WhatsApp, that is Brazil, Russia, India, Mexico, South America, Asia and Africa. A total of 109. Facebook Messenger has become the first in 49 countries. This application is dominant in Australia, Canada and the United States. In third place was Viber, he got only 10 countries, mainly Bostonas Europe: Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine and some Asian countries, such as Sri Lanka, Iraq and Libya.

Separately, you can select Japan, which prefers Line. They use this messenger, on average, 40 minutes a day. WeChat settled in China, and given the number of the population, all the other messengers can only envy the number of users.

South Korea loves KakaoTalk, Cuba - Imo, Vietnam - Zalo, Indonesia - BBM from Blackberry, where it is used is 87.5% of the population.

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