Sony Playstation 4 sold much better than Xbox One

Sony in another press release this week reported on the success of sales of their console, which was launched in 2013. The Playstation 4 is being sold, still, also, now crossed the mark of 40 million units.

Andrew house President of Sony Interactive Entertainment reports that the success of the console owes its fans and partners who were able to provide such impressive sales figures in a relatively short time. The company will try to provide the players more fun, adding new features and capabilities, for example, mastering virtual reality.

In addition, Sony is rumored to soon release Playstation Neo 4.5 - upgraded version of the current consoles. Presumably this will happen at E3 in June.

Although MIcrosoft ceased to publicly report the sales of their console, the statistics of some third party says that the Xbox One opalas only to the level of 21 million sold devices, that is inferior to the Playstation 4 about 2 times.

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