Install Windows 10 from USB drive

Perhaps, in the last two posts here may seem that I like to write about Windows :) In fact, Microsoft is once again pleased with the fact that the company all "for the people", and therefore immediately after solving another riddle MS, I decided to share the instructions with those who can get into a similar situation. And for ourselves also useful, as I suspect that to reinstall Windows I have not the last time in my life.

So, this text on how to install Windows 10 on a notebook from scratch without having the installation disk, because before this system was installed by the vendor. In our case, Asus, ultrabook UX31A (Zenbook Prime). When you buy it installed Windows 7 Home Premium, which later was updated to Windows 10 Home. But what if the system is filled with so thorough that you will save a reinstall? To recover on the original Windows 7, and then again to wait for an update to ten? The folly. But the installation disk is not in the hands, because the sink in question.

Microsoft easily gives you download its utility Media Creation Tool, or offers to download the installer for Windows 10, but to run all these tools is only possible from a live system. But they are also quite capricious. My wind at the time of the search distribution was affected by viruses, these products are Microsoft run, and then stopped with an error.

Where to download Windows 10 original image?

In the web you can find many builds of Windows 10, but, frankly, other people's hands I don't trust, is willing to spend a few hours myself further configure to be sure that there are no unnecessary tweaks that will bring me to a sudden screen of death. It was decided to put Windows 10 from original MSDN image.

Looking for places to get hold of, found primarily links to various torrent trackers, right here is the original image to find it hard, or the original was offered on a previously unknown and not particularly trusted resources. Also, I learned that there is a version of Windows 10 from Yandex search ( And after some more thorough gugleniya it turned out that there is still a place where Microsoft allows you to download an ISO image of Windows 10 ( There are several steps you can first choose the version of Windows 10, then the language distribution, then, finally, download the disk image.

How to install Windows 10 from USB drive?

Having got the ISO you burn the image to a DVD, creating a bootable Windows disk. Or, what I more wanted to make a bootable USB, now it is banal more conveniently.

This had to opensorse use the Rufus utility ( The developers say that it runs about two times faster than analogues, such as UNetbootin, Universal USB Installer or Windows 7 USB download tool. The application is simple, but there is one important caveat.

At first attempt the installation I was in for a nasty surprise. If you put Windows 10 on the SSD, most likely, she cursed you with something like: "Installing Windows on this drive. The selected disk is not of the GPT partition style". And you could try to reformat the hard drive using a different partition style GPT. But, again, if the system is alive. I already managed to format the partition. Saved by the fact that there is a second PC. Bootable USB flash drive with Windows 10 had to be created anew, but selecting in the "Partition scheme and target system type" set to "GPT partition scheme for UEFI". Is saved.

Next, when you install Windows just respond that we have no activation key to the process was launched.

By the Way, if you select region installation Russia, Cortana will not work.

Activate Windows 10

Another quest that had to be solved before you get ready to work full time, and configure the system.

Previously, I was a license Windows 7 Home Premium, activated OEM key Asus, then it is painless upgrade to Windows 10, which has successfully retained the activation. But now when installing from a flash drive, Windows was running in trial mode with some limitations. For example, Smoking personalization profile.

I Tried to find the OEM Asus keys from different editions, but when you try to activate Windows, none of these keys are not accepted. Already were closed to the idea that it can reach and the fact that you have to find ways to activate Windows over the forums, but do not want to. Want legally and officially. Here is the way I remembered that I once bought a key for Windows 8. Lo and behold, it turned out that it fits! And thus it was possible to activate even Windows 10 edition Professional. Great! Now a few hours configuring the system and installing software with further tuning.


And now a little caution. According to the proverb, "haste makes waste" it all happened. Launching a promotional website used to display text custom fonts in the format.otf, but the customer has Internet Explorer, which they are not picked up. Had to urgently look for the same font in ttf, which led me to the website Google gave not especially relevant links, but these guys were the sacred font, although they gave him through their own Downloader.

In Order not to suffer and not to seek, in the hope to speed up the process, realizing that to run a strange exe-schnick can be fraught, I still did it. Did not know at the time how I'm wrong. I believed in worst case I will install Yandex.Browser, change search engine default and home page, or at least a Companion But instead of these cute softin flew a zoo, among which were and Amigo from and even some of their apps and a bunch of stuff on Chinese and, of course, all kinds of Advanced PC Care.

The System began to die in her eyes, change the home page, new default search engine, built-in banner at the Edge and Internet Explorer on all sites, new extensions to Chrome, any add-on to standard explorer.exe a lot of icons in the tray, a plurality of folders in Program Files and other places and millions of processes in memory. They do not have time to manually beat - instantly restarted. Just deleted the one folder I downloaded a few new apps, some preloaded and just not removed, unload itself does not give. Chrome periodically closes, then it somehow withdrew, perhaps because I could not embed the banner, Yes it blocks the left extension if the user has not confirmed their installation.

I had to run to install Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool, which is several times rebooted PC, found a bunch of Trojans, malware and adware, most were removed, but one.dll failed. The system seemed to work, even the Vivaldi browser failed to start, but a lot of software turned up dead. For example, trouble with Microsoft Office, some in-house developed applications. Word - demolition Windows not otherwise.