Google I/O 2016 — Home, Allo, Daydream, Android Wear 2.0 and more

Began a long-awaited conference I/O in 2016, the first day which Google introduced to the public operating system updates, new services and applications. A couple of times the IT giant even surprised the audience with unexpected premieres.

About all the key announcements, like the voice assistant Google Assistant, Google mediahub Home and VR-platform Daydream, read review, Droider.

Google Assistant

In the latest issue of Droider Cast leading complained on the "inhumanity" of the virtual assistant Google Now. Yesterday the company said a voice assistant Google Assistant. Unlike Now, the assistant handles the more complex and contextual questions to the user, making interaction with them "alive".

To the question "Should I go for Angry Birds?", the assistant will give you a selection of reviews and ratings of the cartoon. Voice assistant, constantly learns and adjusts the search results under specific owner.

It is Noteworthy that the Google Assistant, you can settle not only in the smartphone or tablet, but also in smart homes, cars and other Internet of things.

Google Home

An Example not long in coming. The conference presented mediahub with concise name Google Home. Small column will fit into any interior thanks to the minimalistic design. The gadget is entirely devoid of buttons — interact will have only voice commands.

On demand Google Home put on some music, find information online and read it, set the alarm and so on. In MediaHome powerful enough speaker to hear the answer to the question, or lose track of another room.

Google Home at the start of the works with Uber, Spotify, Instacart and other services, which expands the list of its features. Except for trivial commands, a La "What's the weather like in Moscow?", the owner will be able to book seats in cinemas, to order food and call a taxi.

Google Home easy to weave into the ecosystem Good of the Corporation, whether Chromesast, Android TV or OnHub. The gadget connects to several devices on the same Wi-FI network and manages them.

The Developers have promised the advent of Google Assistant for Android devices before the end of the year. Release date and price Google Home are not heard.

Android N

At the conference unveiled a third beta of the new Android without the prefix Developer Preview, hinting that the to try the system finally and ordinary people.

Just Android N about 250 improvements to performance, security, and productivity. Read more about the innovations we have already mentioned here and SDAs.

Google continues to hide the full name of the system, fueling the curiosity of the users. The developers have posted a humorous video about a special Department searching the best name for the Green robot.

Moreover, earned private website, where people offer their own options.

The Owners of Nexus devices try the third preview Android N right now. Full version will be out this summer but the exact date is not announced.

Daydream and Android VR

A week before Google I/O in the network snuck in "duck" on Android VR virtual reality helmet, which does not need a smartphone. The conference device is not shown, but has recently introduced a VR platform called Daydream.

The Development is designed for smartphones, which are the screen and the "brain" of VR-headsets like the Gear VR and VR. These devices supplied Bluetooth controller with two buttons and a touchpad for interface control. In the list of manufacturers whose smartphones will receive the support of a Daydream, noted Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and few others.

In addition to games, the developers promise a video player, photo gallery and lots of applications that the user will find in a separate section of the Play Store.

Allo Duo

After outlet Spaces, it seemed that Google would need a rest from the release of messengers. However, the conference showed two.

Allo messenger with stickers, bots, intelligent responses (greetings from the Inbox) and a private mode, the functionality of which is identical to the secret chat Telegram. Pavel Durov immediately poironizirovat on this account.

Duo — offshoot Allo, created specifically for video calls. A distinctive feature of strutt videoprevyu from the camera to the caller before the call was made.

The Duo is tied to the phone number, seamless switches between mobile and wifi networks, and even adjusts image quality to the speed of the Internet.

Both apps are available for Android and iOS in the summer. In Play Store you can request to the store immediately notified about the release of Allo and Duo.

Android Wear

A surprise was the release global update of Android Wear 2.0. New features: the ability to reply to messages handwriting or using the keyboard, the independence of the application from a smartphone and display information directly on the dial.

Some of those who tried a preliminary version of the system argue that the Android Wear 2.0 is rewritten from scratch.

Android Instant Apps

About Instant Apps was izvestno in November of 2015. However, without the details and principles of operation. However, yesterday Google explained everything.

Instant Apps is a small part of the application that the system will be set on the fly to perform a specific task. For example, the user wants to book a room at Booking, but not downloaded the appropriate application. Enough to go to the service website from a smartphone to OS automatically load the adapted interface that resembles the full application.

Google promises that the optimization and implementation of Instant Apps will take the developers no more than a couple hours, I mean we can hope for the massive undertaking.

The Most important thing to maintain the update will be smartphones and tablets with Android 4.1 and above.

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