Welcome possible Moto X4 with unusual design

in case you forgot, Motorola is now owned by Lenovo, but because the Moto series of smartphones, to which we have grown accustomed, become Chinese. However, this does not mean that it was bad. There is a quality branded China. But the acquisition did not go unnoticed. Has changed not only the "nationality" but appearance, it seems, too transformirovalsya.

As usual while the device is not announced officially, renderings and photos, as well as the reported specs and features should be taken with some note of skepticism. So, just in case.

The Fact that revealed to the world in the fresh rendering, the community was perceived ambiguously. Some esteemed design weird, strange, unusual. Although, I must admit that, despite all the previously mentioned adjectives (by the way, not a negative), looks fresh. And even, perhaps, interesting.

The Chinese rather boldly approached the question of the appearance of the smartphone. Because Motorola liked many of his relaxed and thoughtful design, many praised the location of the sensor fingerprint. Now everything has changed, including the location of the sensor.

The pupil of the camera was big, really big. Flash close together it resembles the Moto 360. The volume button was divided into two. Here, the power button. All three of the same size, also equidistant from each other. Perhaps the user can get confused if will try without looking to adjust the sound volume.

At the bottom of the screen we see the two holes in the corners. This is not entirely clear. Some have suggested that there could place the speakers.

And, of course, a hardware button, which probably hid a fingerprint scanner. Bright colors and coloring that look flashy and bold. But come to taste to those who were waiting for a new Moto?