Comment on iFixit's repairability Huawei P9

Huawei P9 is a great device that shows that the company has gained enough experience to satisfy most consumers. Dual camera provides good quality pictures, and the guys from iFixit report that the smartphone gets a high rating of maintainability. The smartphone has a modular structure and easy access to the battery.

What is interesting is that iFixit notes the many similarities P9 with the iPhone 6. But plus Chinese companies that have been able to fit the camera module is fully under the chassis, not acting, like the iPhone. A similar arrangement of the antennas and even the two screws which fixes the body of the gadget, with the slot-star (pentalobe).

IFixit believe that in fact there is no need to use such screws, except that to complicate access to the interior for lyubopytstvom user.

It uses the same module of the scanner of fingerprints as the Nexus 6P or 5X. The USB Type-C connector or a headphone is easy to disable without watering.

Except that the screen module will have trouble, he, like most modern devices, is changing with some difficulty, and the sensor together with the matrix.

However, iFixit puts 7 points out of 10, indicating that Huawei P9 one of the most legkomotornyh modern smartphones.