Review of musical "combine" SVEN MS-2050 Bluetooth

Multimedia speaker system SVEN MS-2050 format 2.1 shows a number of features that a few years earlier, was characteristic only of expensive musical centers. So, the device supports connections to mobile devices and computers via Bluetooth, plays files from USB flash drives and memory cards, and customizable to any FM station.

Design and construction features

As a material for housings of the subwoofer and satellites manufacturer traditionally selected wood (MDF). It has long been believed that the special properties of the wood gives the sound richness and volume. Front panel is lined with acoustic black plastic glossy texture. This design harmonizes with the design of modern electronics.

At the bottom of the front panel of the subwoofer has a bass reflex tube. Ornament is insert "under the metal" with decorative polishing. The top is a large digital display, volume control and buttons control the main playback options. Service indicators and other symbols are displayed on the screen in three colors: red, blue and yellow. The translucent volume control in the operating mode illuminated by four LEDs.

The subwoofer placed at side wall and covered with cloth mesh. Black woofer cones of the speakers perfectly match with the design of the subwoofer. The internal Assembly of acoustics performed efficiently and accurately: all the elements look more important compounds abundantly greased with glue. For stable fixation on the table of the satellites is equipped with a small feet of foam, and the subwoofer – high legs made of durable plastic.

In Addition to the display and the controls on the subwoofer front panel are the USB port and card reader slot. On the rear panel there are inputs for a wired connection of the system to the sound source. Handle-regulator performs two functions: it can rotate to adjust the volume, and press to cycle through audio sources.


In the package along with patch cables included mounting for hanging satellites on the wall. Package includes compact remote control with easy buttons. With the included batteries of type AAA.

Acoustics work

Power acoustics voiceovers designed for small premises. To collect acoustics, you will not have to resort to the instructions: colored wiring diagrams in the back walls of satellites with clear signatures intuitive. Cable lengths are more than enough for the speakers on both sides of the TV or monitor. To hang the satellites on the wall, have to buy extension cables.

The FM radio Antenna is well any radio station. The receiver catches the signal and without the antenna: in this case we are talking about the main stations. By connecting a flash drive or memory card, the system automatically begins playing tracks from these sources, and after disconnecting the drives continues playing from a source that was used before.

The Drive is scanned very quickly: to recognize the flash drive with several hundred compositions require only a couple of seconds. The embedded player does not work with folders: all tracks on the media are assigned sequence numbers, in accordance with which sets the playback sequence. For SVEN MS-2050 it is advisable to choose the flash drive with the usual speed of up to 8 GB with the FAT file system.

As for the features of sound transmission, it should be noted pronounced, accented bass. The explanation is simple: the sound of the subwoofer starts from 30 Hz, satellites – 100 Hz. But as they say, bass is never too much: because of this, SVEN MS-2050 can be used for listening to music of any genre. Pure and clear "tip" gives the opportunity to enjoy instrumental pieces with subtle musical nuances.


SVEN MS-2050 – great for use at home. Modern design will suit any decor. Thanks to the integrated Bluetooth module to the system, you can connect a mobile device. The user can choose the most convenient way to install the acoustics: to place the satellites on a table or hung on the wall.