Sony Xperia X Premium turned out to be fake, the company denied the rumors

Remember, last week some of the resources talked about that Sony is preparing an Xperia device X Premium? Which is called a continuation Xperia Z Premium. It was assumed that the device will complement the line of smartphones Xperia X, X Perfomance, XA. Chip gadget called the screen.

It was Expected that the screen will work in HDR mode, can display up to 1.07 billion colors (now on average, smartphones are only 16.8 million). Also called unusual screen refresh rate 120 Hz contrast level of 2000:1 and an incredible brightness of 1,300 nits, which is about two times brighter than the may issue of Galaxy S7.

Sounds Too good to be true? It appears so, because the Taiwanese subsidiary of Sony Mobile called the news with rumors saying that the smartphone is a fake. Company called ePrice, which clearly say that this news is incorrect.

However, some suggest that this does not mean that the smartphone actually exists, and work is not conducted. The news smartphone called the fake, not saying that it does, in principle, no. And therefore, the proposed description could be only partially wrong. However, could easily be voiced in hearing the dream of a fan of Sony.

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