YotaPhone 3 will receive a premium design and a bigger battery

The YotaPhone 3 will receive 2 SIM card powerful battery and premium design, while the output of the device will take place in a few months.

In an interview with the newspaper “Vedomosti” said Vladislav Martynov, head of Yota Devices.

According to the speaker, the cost of new items will be “more attractive for the user” than the previous YotaPhone, since the cost will be lower. However, there are no specific figures were not named.

The Head of Yota Devices commented on the recent information about buying a Hong Kong holding company, Rex Global 30% stake in the company for 46.2 million dollars. With the money Yota will be able to accelerate the bringing to market of a new generation of smartphone and expects in 2017 to sell 1 million units.

“the Arrival of Yota Devices company, the Rex company opens huge prospects for the conquest of the Chinese market. If a new investor does not make any strategic mistakes, YotaPhone 3 to go on sale in a few million, and to increase the speed of business”, — said Vladislav Martynov.

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