Hackathon "City services" will be held at Strelka

On April 23-24, the Institute for media, architecture and design "Strelka" will be held the second event of a series of competitions for developers of mobile applications and services on the introduction of innovative technologies in the cultural environment – "Cultural Code". This time the theme of the hackathon will be "Urban services".

The Aim of the event is the development and distribution of applications and services to improve life in the city, as well as the involvement of technology in the creative industry. The organizers – a community of application developers Apps4All, and producer Agency BOKOVFACTORY, Google and "Yandex.Taxi."

24 hours on-site team will from scratch to create new projects, to obtain peer review, to protect the prototype in front of the jury and will have the opportunity to win cash prizes from partners of the event.

The hackathon will be a demo camp in which promising startups will have the opportunity in the blitz format to show existing applications in the field of navigation, development of recreation and public services leading venture capital funds and industry experts. The best projects will get prizes from partners and the contact list of the expert Council to discuss possible cooperation.

Invited To participate, urban activists, designers, programmers and all those who want to affect change in the city with their ideas and projects. Participation is free, preliminary registration is required and confirmation from the organizers. The number of seats is limited.


• Nominated Maps.me

It is Necessary to integrate Maps.me with other services. The company will provide API and documentation.

Prize: a certificate for 60 000 in Madrobots — Internet-store gadgets.

• Nominated OneAPI/Huawei jointly with "Beeline"

Developers need to use platform OneAPI with the aim of creating projects that improve people's lives in the urban environment. Welcome ideas to improve the comfort of urban infrastructure, which can later be modified with the expansion of the functionality of the platform to the following criteria: Billing/Chargind, Voice (except that, in the future, perhaps the emergence of a new API for third-party developers).


- LBS of operators

- calls and SMS from OneAPI.

Prize: 6 months free use of the LBS operator and the loan in 50 000 roubles for the use of any services OneAPI platform.

• Nominated Daily Patriki

It is Necessary to develop a service that will be needed to regional communities, like the charity race #Patriciello, the festival of Shrovetide Patrick, hackathons #Startupanimation.

Prize: 50 000 roubles.

● Nomination Platinental clinics

It is Necessary to develop a prototype of beauty app with an emphasis in plastic surgery, which can scale up to international format. One of the promising directions is invited to consider 3D analysis and modeling of faces for photos and videos user. The service should be accessible on all modern devices on PC/Mac through the browser and on iOS, Android, WP.

The Prize: 200 000.

● Nominated for the international restaurant of the Ginza Project

We Need to invent new usage scenarios of the application iGinza. The company will provide for this API.

The Prize: 200 000.

● Nomination online schools urban businessmen Vector

He's the most useful city apps according to audience (the audience award).

Prize: subscription to the online courses of the school of urban entrepreneurs and interviews with the team blog.

Projects can be created on any soft or hard platforms without limiting the technology used.

"the First hackathon in the framework of the "Cultural code" has shown that there is a great demand, a hunger in the integration of technology and culture — and among developers, and among large companies. On "City services" we will continue to open up this underdeveloped region", — commented Alexey Bokov, the founder of Bokovfactory and Startfactory.

The Next event of the series will be the hackathon "Art and Museums", which will be held in the summer of 2016. It is also planned the event in the category "Music". The contest is supported by the accelerator Startfactory.

More information and registration is available at official website event.

Venue: Strelka Institute, Bersenevskaya Embankment 14, building 5, Moscow

Time: 23-April 24, 2016, beginning at 11:00.