Google thinking about how to make the Swift language to Android Developers

TheNextWeb reports that there is a probability that openany the Swift programming language from Apple could be the primary Android developer. The search giant allegedly eyeing the product, thinking about how to compete in this respect Java.

Swift opencarry that is important to Google, which will be able to work with it as they please. It is suitable for Android.

Some even suggest that apps written in Swift will be able to work on two platforms simultaneously: Android and iOS, but actually it is not so. Despite the fact that the language will be the one the developers will work with various system APIs, because compatibility will not work. But if you want to release the app for the two platforms, the task becomes easier though, because the programmer does not have to switch between two different languages.

However, some things in Android are written in C++ that will not allow right now to fully use Swift as the main development, but because if it happens, it will take some time.