HTC 10 in white, 8.0 Sense, all brand Wallpaper, Boost+

a lot of rumors and leaks around HTC 10. Twitter, Weibo, other social networks and resources, and official teasers from the company. I wonder what this will end. The device, as usual, is praised in absentia, creating a stir. So, what have we learned about the upcoming HTC 10 in the last days?

For Example, a recent photograph of the device in white color was found in microblogging social network Weibo. Someone got ahold of this sample device, we are now seeing the photo of the gadget in the background of the laptop keyboard. But soon it will be possible to take the unit in hand - it will officially show on April 12.

In addition, HTC has posted a program-optimizer Boost+. It is available to those who participate in HTC Preview. App to clean memory and the removal of unnecessary file and the cache of garbage. In addition, it allows you to block the selected application, or rather allows them to run, for example, a password or stroke. This is strongly reminiscent of some Clean Master or corporate Security software that like to add in your firmware Xiaomi, Asus, Lenovo.

LlabTooFeR, in turn, share Wallpapers from HTC 10, it seems, now they are all available on Silke.

And finally a bit of Sense about 8.0. Report that the system will be stickers, and the ability to place widgets and icons freely anywhere. That is not necessarily tied to the grid of the screen the launcher.

As for the stickers, so HTC wants even more opportunities for personalization and customization. They are designed better to blend with the chosen Wallpaper than the standard app icons. For example, clicking on the balloon you can run Chrome, and clicking on tree, open the app for SMS.