IFixit reports that the LG G5 repairable

While Samsung produces smartphones that are increasingly difficult repaired from generation to generation, LG is working to ensure that their devices deliver as little hassle to the owner even if suddenly broke down. This is reported by the guys from iFixit, who seem to love to analyze a variety of gadgets.

IFixit suggest that easy to repair and generally high maintainability LG G5 is primarily due to the fact that the company did in some way modular phone, although so far the implementation is quite simple. But, to make it easy to change the modules had to carefully think about how to fasten parts of the device to each other and make it as simple as possible.

This allows and repair experts with a minimum of effort to get to the desired components of the gadget. This reduces the risk of damage to anything inside the phone, while trying to repair the defective module.

In addition, iFixit review LG confirmed that the device is made really from a single piece of aluminum, coated with a special compound. But on the front of the unit, under the logo, you can still find a piece of plastic.

IFixit was also able to learn the code name of the gadget - "Alice", which is found on one of the loops of the smartphone from the motherboard to the screen.

In the end, the team put 8 points out of 10 for repairability. This is not Galaxy S7 or Nexus 6P.