Variations 10 and HTC new Wallpapers from your smartphone

a Couple of days ago we wrote that the network began to leak resources HTC 10. Then first app . Now comrade LlabTooFeR dopolnyaet their number. In addition, rumors about HTC 10 budget options.

Download all the Wallpapers from HTC 10 can at once via the macropoker from LlabTooFeR -!NAxnUYbZ!VyCEV2P1EOcX2zN8ArLctg .

In addition, MyDrivers reports that HTC 10, will likely be released in several versions, for example, will be not only top-end configuration, but also more simple and budget, which should appear at least in Asia. Inside will be the Snapdragon 820, Snapdragon 652 but with 3 gigabytes of RAM.

However, for many, this will be good news, because in this way you can get a smartphone cheaper, albeit with lower performance but with the appearance of the flagship, which many long to taste.

Although the price for this version is now referred to as about 585 dollars, which seems a little bit too much for such a specification.