Wileyfox Swift - nice a guest from England

the Company is now creating hype around their devices frequently, but almost always it is not justified. Even OnePlus for some users was the naked king. The first interesting product for a long time for me Wileyfox Swift. The brand had something to do with Fly, but it interested me little. I wanted to try such a yummy filling for such a low price tag. The result of the tasting is now in the family of a Lis settled on a permanent basis, it was acquired for one of the parents.


I got Acquainted with the white color. It is made of matte white plastic, which does not get dirty. The weakest point is the metal logo on the back side of the phone. He erased 2 weeks of active use, as it significantly protrudes out of the housing and is a reference point for the smartphone when he is on the surface.

Around the display acts as a small Kant, in the event of a fall to save you from replacement of the screen. The smartphone is comfortable to hold, but to make full use requires a second hand 5-inch screen. Faceplate white camera spoils pile dark elements at the top: there is a feeling of carelessness.

The design of the phone resembles the Motorola device, they back cover is also slightly curved, but here the steepness is much less. Under the hood — connectors for two SIM-cards and memory cards, and removable battery.

Exterior Wileyfox Swift I like it. First, it is not the typical design. Second, practical materials. Third, the smartphone is comfortable to hold as possible for 5-inch device. There are no ingenious engineering solutions in the design, but it is solidly assembled and does not creak.


Until recently, the "filling" Wileyfox was almost optimal for its segment: 2 GB of RAM, support 4G, Snapdragon processor instead of MTK (strong stereotypes). Now is the Xiaomi Redmi 3 with a more modern processor, but here MIUI, which does not suit everyone.

Returning to the "Wileyfox Swift": the everyday use of smooth, there is always free 600-800 MB of RAM. The game will go, but without the best graphics, especially the new ones.

The Phone runs on a single charge for about 8-10 hours of active use, under constant strain — 4. For comparison, the iPhone 5s works in a similar daily routine for 6-8 hours, and survivor from Highscreen about 14-16.

The smartphone has a 5-inch IPS-matrix with a resolution of 720p. The screen is bright and readable even in the sun, but the viewing angles could be larger, with an average deviation starts the inversion of colors. The pixel density is 294 PPI, a value enough for comfortable work.

As a system Wileyfox Swift performs Cyanogen 12, that is Android 5.0. Some global changes are not worth your desktop, dialer and a few other apps, but the overall impression is as pure Android, "ryushechek" and other TouchWiz not.

Camera at the Fox 13 megapixel, with autofocus. For shooting documents and the average artistic photo works.

Swift does not impress with its performance, but they provide normal daily work.


Earlier it was already noted that the market for last winter, there was an interesting competitor, Xiaomi Redmi 3. The main difference is the aluminum, the larger the battery, the shell MIUI and slightly more modern processor. iOS-like logic of the system will be easier for the older generation, and so the difference in price is about 2 thousand in favor Wileyfox.