Sony is preparing a Playstation 4.5, the updated version

Some sources say that Sony is working on an update to the Playstation 4. Telling Kotaku that the company planned to launch a fresh modification, which will allow players to enjoy games in 4k video.

So far, the expected version is called Playstation 4,5. It is expected that in the console preupgrade graphics accelerator, which will provide the opportunity for 4k and will raise the bar for virtual reality. At the moment the Playstation 4 just can't handle 4k video, its ceiling - 1080p.

Unfortunately, it is not clear when exactly the company will bring to market the Playstation to 4.5. Also not clear the value of a future product. Currently original Playstation 4 is given in an average of$ 350, although earlier cost of$ 400. Some have suggested that the updated version will just pull the price tag 400$.

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