SE iPhone, iPad Pro, Liam, CareKit, iOS 9.3 — spring release Apple

On 21 March, Apple held a scheduled presentation, which introduced new products and updated old ones.

In Addition to the 4-inch iPhone SE and compact iPad Pro, the company showed the project on processing of Liam, new straps for the Apple Watch and the update of iOS 9.3.

Opened a presentation video showing the 40-year history of the brand for 40 seconds.

Before the presentation of the gadgets Tim cook and top managers of Apple shared their achievements and talked about important things. So, worldwide people use more than one billion Apple devices. Has not bypassed a theme of privacy, has become extremely sharp after conflict with the FBI. Apple CEO promised to fight within the law for the safety of user data.

After talking about ecology and recycling. The company built China's 40-megawatt power plant on solar energy and plans to equip solar panels all the shops and data centers to reduce dependence on nonrenewable energy sources. Summing up the first announcement, an Apple spokesperson said that the boxes for the equipment are made from recycled paper.


The First announcement of the company became robot Liam, who dismantle old and broken iPhone to collect something beautiful. The video gik porn shows disassembly of the model 5S.

Ecology of the environment, but recycling old gadgets significantly reduces the cost of production of the new Apple, so the company earn more money. Therefore Liam is a great idea, which side do not look.

Apple CareKit

Core, gigahertz and gigabytes have gone by the wayside. - Friendly services — that's what users need today. So Apple is actively developing applications related to human health. A year ago, the company introduced ResearchKit project open source for doctors and developers. With the help of doctors from around the world to collect data on patients with cardiovascular diseases or Parkinson's disease.

CareKit complements the service, but is aimed at ordinary people. Through the project, patients can follow a treatment plan, record the symptoms and report relevant information to doctors. CareKit is also open source and available for users and developers in April.

Apple Watch

Do Not remove the Apple Watch on your wrist as if hoping for a fresh device in March. Company limited announcement of the nylon straps and lowering the minimum price hours to $ 299. Immediately after the presentation the owners of smart watches has received the over the air update watch OS to version 2.2.


About tvOS really have nothing to say: updated, added support for folders, Live Photos, sync images to iCloud and a few other details.

IPhone SE

The Most anticipated and discussed the announcement of Apple. However, the company came to him from far away and led a curious statistics. According to the data, about 30 million smartphones sold in 2015, had a screen size of 4-inch.

Given that the holders of such display (iPhone 5/5s/5c) have not been updated, some features and services unavailable to Apple customers. It is for them to create iPhone Special Edition.

In fact, this is the actual iPhone 6S in the housing 5S and a bunch of simplifications, namely:

  • The lack of 3d Touch;
  • Front camera 1.2 megapixels.

Other characteristics: A9 and M9 processors, the main 12-megapixel camera, Touch ID support and Apple Pay.

Models 16 and 64 GB, starting March 24, you can pre-order at the price of 399 and $ 499, respectively.

Russia is registered in the countries of the first wave, but the official price of the smartphone in Russia is not as tasty: 37 990 and 47 990 rubles.

IOS 9.3

Of the key innovations of iOS 9.3 added: option to set a password on the recording to the Notes (you can unlock with the fingerprint), the long-awaited night mode, improved 3D Touch and integration with CarPlay. The update is available for all supported devices since yesterday.

IPad Pro

Not a surprise and reduced to 9.7-inch iPad Pro. The tablet has retained the name of the 12.9-inch model, and from console Air seems to have decided to get rid of.

Most of the characteristics of iPad Pro 9.7 "wears" the "elder brother": A9X processor, 4 speakers, 4 GB of RAM, and others.

There are distinctive feature — the maximum amount of internal memory. Reduced iPad Pro became the first tablet with a storage capacity up to 256GB.

Pre-order the tablet from the 24th of March at a price of 52 990 rubles for a model with Wi-Fi and 32 GB of memory. Model with LTE module will cost 63 990 rubles.

In conclusion

Has Completed the presentation Tim cook, who summed up the presented products and made a major announcement. Presentation 2017 will be held in the futuristic headquarters of Apple.

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