[Review] Wileyfox Swift destroys the universe budget smartphones

Blockbuster Deadpool and his phenomenal advertising campaign opened a Talkative mercenary for who you are "not on". Geek minority are familiar with Wade Wilson on a decent game of 2013 and comics, some of which publish in Russian. For example, "Deadpool destroys the marvel Universe", whose name accurately discloses the plot.

When the hands Droider got Wileyfox Swift — the best smartphone of 2015 according to Forbes , the Association originated with this comic. Why? Read on.

The Appearance of the smartphone is between a rock "budget" and a hard place "to stand out". The result is a typical candy bar, but with a couple of memorable details. Round speaker on the front side refers to a Nexus 5, but a rough texture back cover for OnePlus One. Here the fire burning the inscription Wileyfox and the rim around the camera. Beneath the flash is the only metal insert — Fox brand manufacturer.

About the layout of "thanks" will not speak – they are easy to find.

In a cute bright orange box than the smartphone manufacturer has put a couple of sheets to collectors of waste paper, protective film and cable-noodles with connectors USB/microUSB. Case, headphones, and even network storage — increase to the final cost of the smartphone, so the purchase will have to take care yourself.

5-inch, HD resolution, IPS matrix of average quality. More specifically, the black color looks gray under the corners of the screen look yellow and sinit. The overall brightness level. Thanks to the diagonal and resolution of the screen is not littered with grains of pixels. After high-brightness, ultracatchy and a very attractive display among the flagships, the picture Wileyfox Swift sad, but not frightening. After a couple of days with the smartphone's eyes finally reconciled with the shortcomings of the screen.

The light Sensor adjusts the brightness quite well. The user can Supplement the operation of the software feature of Cyanogen OS, and change the colour temperature of your screen warmer at night and colder during the day.

Main camera — 13 megapixels (module S5K3M2 from Samsung, aperture F2.0). Front camera — 5 megapixels (aperture F2.5). What is the manufacturer just not saved, so it's on the cameras. Thanks to the resolution and processing algorithms, Swift removes fine during the day and tolerable at night.

Main camera

Front camera

In 2015-2016 justified to expect from budget smartphones smooth interface and fast work at a gentlemen's set of applications (Twitter, VK, Instagram, player, Chrome, email, games-game). Holds Wileyfox Swift bar? Oh, yeah.

In the smartphone to benefit society employs a Quad-core 64-bit Snapdragon 410, GPU Adreno 306 and 2 GB of RAM. Operating system at the time of writing the review — a Cyanogen OS based on Android 12.1 5.1.1.

Below are the results of several synthetic tests, which will help to put Wileyfox Swift in the "food chain" of smart phones.




(*indicates the performance in the browser)

Before the first updates Swift with a screech replayed desktops on the native launcher is Trebuchet, but worked without problems with the Google now launcher and Nova Launcher. Now there is no problem at all. Interface is smooth, apps open instantly, and nervously shaking the smartphone while waiting is not necessary.

Rely on the maximum settings in games, not fancy recommend: Hearthstone easy Asphalt 8 simplifies the chart and eliminates the effects. Simple, like Sky Force and Fast like a Fox no problems.

The above-Mentioned stuffing nourishes removable battery 2 500 mAh. Wileyfox States that the batteries will last for 6 hours of watching videos, 5 hours Internet over LTE and 10 hours in talk mode. Pleased that the manufacturer did the measurements in a spherical vacuum, and they coincided with ours. On average, smartphone easily survives until the next morning when you synchronize two mailboxes, 1-2 hours music, communication via instant messengers and social networks.

Despite the March 2016 year, Swift has not lost any letters from the word "relevance". This smartphone was the very clichéd "workhorse" with a great camera, decent screen and performance, adequate for most tasks, and the price is 8 000 rubles at the official website. Closest competitors — Moto G3, M2 and Redmi Note 3.

Recently Moto G3 officially sold in Russia for 16 990 rubles complete with moisture proof and a smaller amount of RAM. M2 Note — a nice smartphone, but not quick in updates and without "naked" Android. The only "real" competitor — Redmi 3 for $ 105. The smartphone will be prodavatsya in "the Messenger", but hardly for that amount.

It turns out that for the end of 2015 — beginning of 2016 Swift — almost destroyed the universe for budget smartphones. Hostile smartphones or cruelly punished, or afraid to stick your neck out. The only thing that prevents the machine to get on the podium from the crushed shells of competitors — distribution model. Wileyfox sell the smartphone exclusively in the Chinese online store, JD, so Swift is not found in a store or shop. Therefore, people who fall in love with this "killer" from the first inclusion will be less.