Google Autonomous cars will be equipped with wireless charging

Google has begun testing wireless chargers at imobilecinema cars.

This is with reference to the documents sent by the Corporation to the Federal communications Commission (FCC), reports IEEE Spectrum.

According to the source, currently Google engineers are testing 2 wireless charging system for unmanned vehicles in California: Hevo Power and Momentum Dynamics was developed by two different companies.

In both systems include a transmitter embedded in the road surface, and the receiver mounted underneath the car. Electricity transmission is carried out by an alternating magnetic field.

A Prototype of Hevo Power transmits 1.5 kW of energy from the transmitter, that looks like a manhole cover. Momentum Dynamics, the developers claim that their translators are able to transmit up to 200 kW. However, official information about the power system.

Google consider the possibility of wireless charging of unmanned car is extremely important. This feature will allow you to charge the vehicle in motion without having to stop and connect using a network cable to a special station.

Previously, the project Google Self-Dryving Car began testing on the roads of Kirkland, Washington. While the city moves only one unmanned vehicle Lexus RX450h.