More Apple apps may appear on Android

it Seems that Apple plans to seriously address the audience Android. At a recent event, Tim cook said that Apple Music was only the first test step to check how big the interest in the services and products Apple among fans of the green robot. Apparently, the interest was enough to think about the release of some new things.

Although it is not called any specific applications that will appear for Android, but already speculate that this may be the cloud services of Apple, such as iCloud. Or even a calendar or email app or notes. Some say even about Apple Pay, but there is great doubt that this will be a quick and easy to transfer to competing and someone else's platform.

Now it turned out that both Google and Microsoft have released a decent amount of software to make their presence on all platforms and devices, especially Apple not only expands the number of systems that can use its software products. Apple exclusive, but at the same time as she herself and limit.

But, it seems that the company decided to expand. Well, look, whether you want to be the Apple services on the platform, where for a long time And is rightly dominated by Google products.