External battery Rombica: series: NEO, model AX70, AH100, AH120

Lost svobodas each new model, answering the ever-growing demands, processors, smartphones and tablets are becoming more powerful, screens and their resolution more clearly. This leads to an increase of the power consumption and reduces the duration of use of mobile devices without recharging. Thoughts on that in the second half of the day you can be out of reach to visit more and more often. You can try to change your habits or to think about buying an external battery pack and regain their lost freedom. Offer in the market of external batteries is growing every day. Today I want to share your story of meeting with a new line of batteries from the NEO from Rombica.

Form and content

As used in the aluminum housing can be visually assessed before purchase, all models are sold in transparent packaging.

Opening the packaging was pleased to discover that the body is made entirely of aluminum, and its parts are tight to each other. The design is not deprived of the attention to detail that makes the battery more attractive among similar models from other manufacturers.

All three models are really thin. On the package size and weight, but only by taking the device in hand millimeters and grams are stuffed filled with sensations. AH70 thinner than older models line of 1 mm and is just 9 mm. AH70 Weighs about 175 grams, for comparison, is 3 grams more than the iPhone 6 Plus, the height and length are 136x75 mm. as for the parameters of the models AH100 and AH120, they look like twin brothers, 154x80 mm and weigh the same - 245.

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AH70 features one USB outlet, models AH100 and AH120 two USB output, input all the same - micro USB. All models feature an LED indicator that it is not possible to detect without seeing the battery in action. Connecting the cable before actual use, I suddenly found that the LED lit bright blue light from underneath the aluminum housing, than gave me back my shattered confidence. Not finding at the first examination light bulbs or holes, where in my view, you should see the LED indicator, wanted to record this "fact" into disadvantages, because on the packaging and in the manual it stated.

In all models used in polymer Li-ion battery type, which allowed the manufacturer to achieve such an attractive device sizes.

The Main value of the battery capacity. According to my assumptions became a part of model names, which makes it easy to navigate when selecting:

AH70 - 7 000 mAh / 25.9 WH;

AH100 - 10 000 mAh / 37 WH

AH120 - in 12,000 mAh / 44.4 WH

The Formula for freedom. Theory and practice

Answering the most important question, how many times you can charge your favorite device, thereby to understand what time you can break free from the inexorable circumstances of harsh reality, I will tell you about their personal experience, but will first make some simple calculations.

Battery Capacity of my iPhone 6 is 1810 mAh / 3,82 In, for further calculations is the value you want to convert to watt-hours. The efficiency of the charging process (80%) multiply by watt-hours external battery and divide by the converted capacity iPhone 6. The answer to this equation will be calculated the number of possible charge cycles.

And so: 1,810 Ah * 3,82 = 6,914 WH

AX70 0,8x25,9 / 6,914 ~ 2,9 number of cycles

AH100 0,8x37 / 6,914 ~ 4,2 number of cycles

AH120 0,8x44,4 / 6,914 ~ 5,1 number of cycles

AH70. My iPhone 6 I was able to charge 3 times to 100%, the battery is virtually dead. Usually in the afternoon I put to charge a smartphone and is closer to the evening of the next day the battery comes to a critical point. I have not changed my habits and was able to stay on the charging battery until yesterday the 3rd day. Theory found confirmation in practice.

AH100. With this battery, I could charge your smartphone 4 times, while the charge in the battery left. Doing the usual way for me, this time I lasted a day longer. Around the same time, on the evening of the 4th day of theory and practice back together, first I had to agree with the decision not to bring the experience to end.

AH120. In this case, the whole week I haven't looked at the outlet and could charge your smartphone 5 times to 100%. The charge in the battery still remained, but insignificant.

It Should be noted that in all these cases, I started charging at 5% of battery on your smartphone.

The experience

In conclusion, I want to paraphrase the slogan of one advertising company. "External batteries are 1 Rombica 590/1990/2590 R., and the time and freedom is priceless!"

If my story was useful to you, and you could determine then you can buy from the comfort of home in our online shop Rombica this link, in parallel it is possible to estimate a good choice in this category.

And the last package in addition to manual and warranty card included micro USB cable, its length is 32 mm. When charging from a laptop or computer, it is quite acceptable. In the case of the socket will have to consider its location, so to put the battery, the charging time for the near surface and the presence of the adapter, not included.