In the smartphone built-in Philips S307 arc detected Trojan

The Specialists of Doctor Web have discovered a new danger: in the graphic shell of the smartphone Philips s307 embedded Trojan, the purpose of which is to demonstrate the hype, as well as download and install malicious software.

Truth to tell, the Trojan known as Android.Cooee.1 was first discovered several little-known Chinese public sector employees last fall, however, then it was really about the little-known producers, which could include on-Board anything. This year virus writers demonstrate a more aggressive strategy, managed it is not clear how to embed the Trojan Android.Cooee.1 in the GUI of the smartphone Philips s307, the production of which is engaged a major Chinese Corporation CEC (China Electronics Corporation).

The Situation is complicated by the fact that since the Trojan was located directly in the firmware of the device, a factory reset will not rid the device from malware, plus the removal of the Trojan will disable the device. Specialists Doctor Web has already informed the management of the company CEC, which the experts are already looking for possible solutions to the problem.