[Droider Cast] Release 10.1 — Zuckerberg will fly

The First episode of the podcast marathon from Droider.

Boris Vedeno, Valery Istishab, Ilya Ryabov discuss the news and talk about CES 2016 with Pavel Kushelev.

00:00 Greetings and terms of podcast marathon

7:10 Remix OS, a modified Android for PC

The 14:08 mark Zuckerberg will develop a virtual assistant in 2016

20:28 Pocket Mortys is a mobile game based on the animated series "Rick and Morty"

26:08 questions from the audience #1

42:30 LG G5 with retractable landing gear

47:40 What a beast Huawei Honor 5X?

58:50 in the New year, Norway, the presents under the tree leading Droider Cast

1:09:04 10 best years for the gaming industry by Game Trailers.

1:24:01 questions from the audience #2

1:26:40 Trends of CES 2016 together with Pavel Kushelev

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