The most insane inventions of 2015 version Droider

Year of sanctions, the collapse of the ruble, locks Roskomnadzor, secure instant messengers, dreams about imobilecinema cars, a new episode of “Star wars” and the journey to the future Doc and Marty came to an end. It's time for results.

Revision Droider recalls the craziest inventions that came to light over the past 365 days.

Innovative alarm clock

Great Simon, Circ created a device for lovers to sleep the extra 5-10 minutes. 165 rpm — so fast in the face will knock a rubber hand, if the owner wants to sleep. Not Wake up quickly with this alarm clock is simply impossible.

MegaFon translator

Panasonic is razrabotala MegaFon, which in real time translates the speech of the speaker into multiple languages at once and plays out loud. The device is designed for employees of airports and stations.

Thrower fireball

Feel like a master of the fire will help a device called the Pyro Mini. Gadget shoots a flammable lumps of nitrocellulose at a distance up to 12 meters. Built-in battery allows you to make around 600 shots on a single charge.

Bikini clean water

It Seemed that the underwear cannot be reinvented. However, the American engineers managed to do it. Mihri and Cengiz Mari askani developed a bra that is able to filter harmful substances from the water. Absorbed carcinogens are stored in the pores of the Sponge material from which made the garment and therefore not in contact with the skin. The inventors do not intend to stay and plan to create similar panties, shorts and wetsuits.

Samozashnurovyvayuschihsya sneakers

That was the day when Marty McFly and Doc traveled to the future actor Michael J. Fox in the evening the Jimmy Kimmel show predstavil running shoes Nike MAG automatic lacing. Nostalgic accessory will go on sale this year.

Flying skate

Another fantasy from the movie “Back to the future” inventors fought during the whole year. First flying Board surprised Lexus and then came to the forefront of the hoverboard from ArcaSpace. Unlike the brainchild of the automaker, last hovers above any surface and it will be available.


Fans of smoke happy Anons smartphone Vaporcade Jupiter with the built-hookah. Many reacted to the news with skepticism, because the developers have not announced the specifications of the device. However, some time later, the manufacturer released a short video to Instagram, where someone under the name of John demonstrates the work of the mobile smoker.

Mask, discerning the smell of the color

American Zachary Howard has developed a special mask that allows you to smell colors. For this, he podkluchil microcomputer Intel Edison as a management platform to the facial mask, which fixed 3 tubes with oil. In each of the tubes the oil smells like on its own and corresponds to one of three colors: red, green, and blue. Depending on the percentage of the content in the subject matter of a particular color, the tubes in the mask is displayed with different power, mounted in tubes tiny fans pull the air, which transmits the media flavor.

Jeans pocket-charger

A Feeling of pain arising after the devastation of the smartphone battery, familiar to everyone. To help get out of an unpleasant situation decided in Joe's Jeans. The company submitted line of jeans in the back pocket which is a power bank. There is nothing easier than to charge the smartphone while it just sits in my pocket.

Music column in the form of a bust of Putin

A Russian painter, known under the pseudonym Petro Wotkins, in the framework of the art installations, Sound of Power presented speaker system in the form of a bust of the current President of the Russian Federation, the head of which is embedded a 4-inch diffuser speaker. The sculpture itself is installed on the amplifier power of 20 watts.

“Never even Vladimir Putin did not sound so good,” it says on the project website.

Glass for parties in zero gravity

Scottish whisky Ballantines manufacturer raised the culture of drinking alcohol to the cosmic scales by using stakana-nevalyashkathat allows you to drink in weightlessness.

Unsinkable smartphone

Every year more than 80 million smartphones suffer from water damage. Team kalifornische startup Comet decided to reduce that number by presenting the smartphone that once in the water does not sink, but floats on the surface.

The Device features a 4.7-inch AMOLED screen, 8-core Snapdragon 820 processor, 4 GB of RAM, 32 or 64 GB of internal memory, 16-megapixel camera and a battery 2800 mAh. The device runs on the Android operating system 5.1 and yet only costs 279 dollars. Not surprisingly, the project successfully completed the campaign on Indiegogo.

“the death Star”

The Excitement around the premiere of a new episode of Star Wars has inspired a German engineer Patrick Come for the creation of scale models “the death Star”. The beam of this Imperial base is not as deadly as it was described in movies, but of power enough to burn through steel sheet.

The Refrigerator in the form of R2D2

Japanese home appliance manufacturer Haier Asia went even further and introduced life-size R2D2 robot. Of course, to the original mechanics of the spacecraft it is far, however, the invention is able to move independently, and under the building is a freezer.

Electric Guitar from LEGO

Nicola Pavan from Italy loves LEGO. Within 5 years he had collected from the designer electric guitar. By trial and error enthusiast modeled working prototype.