Top 10 games of 2015

The Outgoing year was difficult in many ways, but such people are not stopped, so the gaming industry working and developing as never before, despite the crisis in the world. Google has already summed up the end of 2015, creating a selection of the best apps and games for the year. I have suggested that these applications were chosen not by people but by a specific algorithm as it is a very mediocre game included in this list. So I decided to create my selection of the best games of the year for the Android mobile platform.

This was fairly Packed with good games, but the big half of them are ports from the PC. It just so happened that the mobile operating systems rarely make complicated and "serious" games often the total profit does not cover labor and financial costs to the project, and to port the already finished game with "adult" platforms much easier. The list is in random order, those games are worth playing if you haven't already.


I Think many people will be familiar with this genre of games like MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), for example Dota 2. On mobile platforms for a long time was not a worthy representative of this genre, but the presentation of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus showed the game VainGlory from Super Evil Megacorp. The game was shown during the presentation as an example of the possibilities of Metal technology for iOS devices, but this summer was released for Android.

The gameplay of the MOBA genre very well moved with the eye to touch. The game is a 3 on 3 battle, the goal of each team is to destroy the enemy crystal. You can choose from over 20 unique characters, each month add one new. The main condition of victory is the coordinated team play and proper distribution of roles — one person stands on the main line and tries to destroy the defensive towers of the opponent, the second collects (Pharma) money in the forest, and the third support, at the right moment needs to treat or to pull an ally out of trouble. The beauty of the game is that the gameplay for each character is different, as each has its own abilities and features, and bleed it necessary given the situation: when you need to go into protection or, conversely, to increase the damage done. One game session lasts 25 minutes, which is quite acceptable for a mobile game. I recommend playing on a tablet or a large smartphone with a diagonal of 5-inch.

The Game is free but real money can purchase images for the characters, that you don't get any advantages in the game, changing only the appearance.

Fallout Shelter

In the Summer, at the presentation of the long-awaited Fallout 4, Bethesda has introduced a mobile games for fans to brighten up the expectation of a full game.

The Game is a farm, but very unusual, the gameplay is similar to the construction of the base in XCOM. In the order you get shelter and your main task — to provide a place and resources for survival for everyone. It needs to build the generators, stations water treatment, canteens, laboratories and even a nuclear reactor.

Each character has its own characteristics S. P. E. C. I. A. L build upon them to distribute responsibilities. The most interesting and useful things you'll find, sending one resident to the wasteland to directly control his actions, you can't, but you can read his comments about the journey, it's fun. In the wasteland you can find armor and weapons for defense from attack by raiders and mutants. Otherwise, this is an ordinary farm, done with humor, but play it for a long time, you probably will not be able, in a week starts pretty bored.

You can download the Game for free, real money available in cases in which you may come across unique gear and characters with good features S. P. E. C. I. A. L. Well, we continue to wait for a port of the “classic” two parts of Fallout.

Lifeline (1-3)

Text adventure — now almost forgotten genre of games, it was popular at the dawn of computer technology, where the entire user interface consisted of a text. These games are well develop imagination and spatial thinking.

I'm not going to tell the part about the story, it's all very, very good, the first and the second part tells about different stories, and the third is a sequel to the first. In each game you play the role of interlocutor and adviser, the game is a chat, your interlocutor as a living person: he tells life stories, jokes, share experiences and constantly consult you where to go and what to do. You can select between two answers, they almost always diametrically opposed, but they are not monosyllabic, that is not just “Yes” or “no”. The game takes place in real time, that is, if the person says that he went somewhere far away, he can respond to you in a few hours. Personally, I was pleased with the implementation of the gameplay, if you can call it that: messages from your “buddy” come in notifications, from there you can both answer, that is, you don't even have to go in the game. All your answers affect the ending of your character, however, he may not even survive until the end of the story.

In Addition, the game is fairly interesting plot with a quality translation into the Russian language. Extremely suggest to consult any of the parts.


A puzzle Platformer in which you play as a CC you Have on the one hand security line, nobody and nothing can penetrate, but on the opposite – the weapon, which you can use to push off the ground and destroy the enemies. Based on the structure of the cube you need while “turn” to the threat of an armored side, and to attack the other. To move you can just "waddling" on the right or left side and for the successful completion of the game you need in the correct sequence to roll to the right spot turned out to be armor or weapons. It would seem, nothing complicated, but thanks to good level design, the game is moderately difficult, but interesting. The right attitude creates a pleasant to the ears music in the style of old 8-bit games.

The game has a lot of levels, but just enough to not get bored. Beautiful pixelization schedule is attached.


This game, in a good way, to many old games. Throughout the game you will observe the development of the gaming industry.

The Game begins with literally one button “forward” you get to the chest and “pumped” up to go in all four directions. The following treasure chests, find a sword, add to the map monsters, and so on. Very similar to “classic” RPGs, but only in that you not pump your character and the game itself. You personally go through the play history from the primitive 8-cue, to the modern 3D games.

Highly suggest lovers of nostalgia for the old games, and even those who did not find the so-called “those days” when the grass greener, and the game more interesting.

Grim Fandango Remastered

For example, this game, you can understand that quality graphic setting and an interesting plot is much more important than the technical component of the game. Therefore, in the re-release of the game so little graphical innovations.

Grim Fandango is an example of “classic” quest, despite his age (18 years) the game looks quite nice and stylish, aside from a few graphical flaws. You will take part in next mess written by a fairly famous writer Tim Schafer. The game's plot tells us about life after death, where each man after death reaches the Land of the dead — is an intermediate between life on Earth and to the Ninth underworld. The protagonist, Manuel Calavera, works a kind of travel agent and offers the dead, trapped in the light all the things that can “brighten up” their afterlife. Their last journey depends on their life to death if the life the person lived for the honor and earned a lot of money then your journey to “eternity” he could travel by Express train No. 9 in just 4 minutes, for others it will take 4 years.

I recommend to familiarize with this game, and if you have already played, then go again. Best played on a tablet with headphones, the game is stunning music.


The long-Awaited port of a very atmospheric platformer. The entire game consists of barely discernible silhouettes of people, objects and monsters. Despite the very simple black and white styling, the game looks just fine.

You play as a little boy trapped in a mysterious dark world full of mysteries and dangers. Poraskinut brains have quite often, but to resort to outside sources in search of a solution will have it is unlikely.

In the game, the spirit of despair and uncertainty. The game's plot is no less mysterious and very controversial. Every man for himself come to certain conclusions: what is “limbo”? Why this child ended up in this place? Similar feel and ending, but not forced to seek you in all this sacred meaning, you'll have fun with this game and no search. With it, the whole story is served without a word.

I Advise you to wear headphones for total immersion in the atmosphere.

LEGO Batman: beyond Gotham

Personally I'm always skeptical of games in the LEGO series, considered them purely childish. Pretty nice to be disappointed by the example of the game designer in the universe of Batman.

It is very easy to describe in two words: fun and funny. They are fully imbued with humor, especially well it is visible on the contrast of the “seriousness” of the character Batman: when a character consisting of parts LEGO-designer, trying to give some kind of phrase serious “mine” — not to smile extremely difficult.

The Game is a three-dimensional platform game with nice cartoon graphics and well-orchestrated videos. You have to play for two characters, changing them as needed, there are more than 100 characters.

I Advise to pay to this attention, as it is a very big discount as part of the Christmas sale, it can be purchased for only 15 rubles (previously 315 rubles).

This War of Mine

This game will make you plunge into a time of war, and feel all of the litigation the fate of civilians in war.

You will manage a group of surviving civilians who are trying to survive during the long siege of the city. The game is divided into two phases: night and day. During the day, you are equipping your refuge: craft tools and weapons, cook food, treat the wounded and give the rest to those who were on night duty. At nightfall, you send one character out at different locations. The whole point of the game is survival, you have to go to the extreme and sometimes even risk or intentionally send his man to death, sometimes you are waiting for actions that violate all norms of morality — you will sooner or later have to kill or Rob completely innocent and unarmed people to get food, but often come across people tuned extremely hostile. In this game the two extremes: either you have them or they you. All the actions directly affect the mental state of survivors, they can become depressed and be unhealthy.

The Game is made in beautiful hand-drawn style in dark grey tones and the accompaniment has a very atmospheric music, so, it's highly advised to play with headphones.


Game in the genre of shooter with RPG elements with the top view. You play a commando who has to fight with hordes of various monsters.

Of the Plot it is no, but there are three game modes: Quest mode your task is to destroy all the monsters on the level in Rush mode – you need to destroy as many monsters as possible, and in Survival mode, respectively, as long as you can survive.

You Start with a pistol with little health points and zero experience. Killing monsters, you gain experience, and their dead bodies may receive bonuses or weapons. Experience you can spend on new abilities that improve your stats or add special abilities. The game is very large Arsenal of weapons and various monsters together, you will not be bored.

This simple, at first glance, the gameplay can drag on for many hours. Suggest to read this game, in fact it is the ancestor of this genre of shooters, top down.

On our list today is the deadline. Have come through many games which were worth mentioning, but otherwise this text would be too large. So I ask you, dear readers, to talk about their best games of the year.

I Want to congratulate you with coming New Year and wish you all the best.