Space Jet - furrow and fire back!

Star wars are different. You can run and swing a sword, awakening force. And you can get to a seat in the cockpit of the spaceship, push the pedal or something and just notice how the past carried by stars, and even faster flying spaceships of the enemy. All this can be tested in space arcade shooter Space Jet.

Here unfold real space battles. Game network because it will have to fight with real players showing their skill for the human mind and not bots.

Take off on a mission or in our case the space arena, which seats up to 10 players. Check functionality of all systems and fight!

Manage familiar as a racing simulator, except that initially inverted vertically as in the simulation. Just have to peel enemies you have to avoid collisions with space debris.

Bombing spacecraft of the enemy, we get points and experience, which will then acquire a new starship for themselves, and use different upgrade. However, for this you will need resources, gold and silver. These resources can sometimes be found in the arena, get as rewards for completing quests, playing the game daily, or simply buying in the store.

With enough amount of resources in Space Jet can also be topped up space the garage new ships. Pumped it's all here: weapons, armor, motor, charges the shields. You can also decorate your ship in various patterns or camo, which will also affect the performance of your vehicle.

But even with all the power UPS to kill enemies will be not so easy, the enemies also improve their space ships. Entering the arena, you also receive quests, for which performance bonuses will be credited. They can be run in addition to the regular battles in the arena.

Of Course, all the achievements can be shared with friends on social networks. As usual, for connecting profiles in social networks, you can get some nice game plushies.

And after the battles, you can study the statistics, evaluate their accuracy, the number of deaths, shots, amount of spent ammunition.

In short, in the Space Jet, it seems, thought of everything. Is that not enough arenas yet, but the developers promise that in the future their number will increase.

Set "Space Jet" on Google Play.